「Crochet」Baby Birthday Dress

Our little girl is 1 year young today, and I handmade her a special birthday dress!
Technically she is now a toddler and not a baby anymore. However, she’ll always be MY baby, I took the liberty to title this blog post Baby Birthday Dress.


It’s not my own creation though, I rather followed the instruction of this neat post at craftideas.us. For the colour combination I chose a yarn with different shades of green and for the lower part of the dress I used leftover yarn in this beautiful vibrant pink/purple/white^^^

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Baby Sunflower dress (crochet)

Another piece I finished a while ago is this baby dress I called “Sunflower Dress”…simply because of the sunflower buttons I added *g*.


I used purple wool that has little shades of different purple speckles woven into it. I really like the effect this creates when using it for a crochet/knitting piece! The purple part is simply done in double crochet stitches increasing a little on the sides to make those armholes.

The bottom part is also done in double crochets bound together as shells…I used light-weight green wool, so it’s all very airy and perfect for summer (with one of our cloth diapers underneath I think it’ll go well).

At the back I added green translucent buttons that you almost can’t see from afar, so it doesn’t take away from the crochet pattern.


I must admit, I love doing dresses….I did another one just last week which I’ll post here in some time 🙂


(Crochet) Baby Dress – Explosion of Colours

I finished this a while ago, but havn’t gotten around to post it just yet. I know, I never get tired of mentioning how I just love colourful things, especially when it comes to clothing – so with this Crochet Baby Dress I really went all out on using COLOURS



The whole dress is worked in rounds, alternating colours with each one. Basically it’s just bundles of 3 double crochet stitches from top to bottom. Only the bottom edge and rim around the armholes is worked in shells.


As a finishing touch I crochet a simple string to use as a tie around the waist and made a little bow in the front!


Just looking at this colourful dress puts a smile on my face and I think that if worn in summer with sunshine all around, it will definitely show it’s true colourful potential 😀

Lemony Spring Dress (crochet) with Star Buttons

Aaaaaand the craft-fever continues!!! (^_^)

This week I finished a Lemony Spring Dress which she can probably wear from 10-12 months on. I had a picture where this dress was just white with pastell green, but …with me….no pastels please, thanks!! So I decided to go for a lemony yellow with light blue 🙂


The yoke part is made up of individual crochet-granny squares which are all kinda puzzled together & then I continues crocheting the skirt part.

The special detail in the front is the bow, so the dress can definitely fitted throughout some months of growing that a baby/toddler is going through


The eye-catching detail in the back are two yellow star buttons, because I thought they just fit so well into the whole design, and it’s so cute for baby/toddler age. After I was done, it seemed like a good decision, definitely.


I’m seriously enjoying my crafty phase so much right now, making all these things for Snowflake, imagining her wearing them later…it makes my heart skip a beat!! ❤

handmade newborn baby dress (crochet)

I’m back into my crochet-phase it seems 🙂 I found some cute baby dress pictures online and decided to try a more simple “Newborn Baby Dress” first. It should fit for 0-3 months old babys.

The picture I’ve seen of this one had white & pastell colours, but like I said before, that is not really me or the style we like. I want COLOURFUL! (^_^) So I chose a vibrant green with a more dusty intense rose colour & yellow for the edges/button.



it’ll basically only cover the upper body and you can see the diaper peeking out. That’s how it is intended to be & since we’re gonna go with pretty cloth diaper(-pants) it’ll be cute. Also, our snowflake will be born in summer, so I think this is totally nice to wear at home when it’s all hot during those months.


detail knopf

It’s a crochet button that you basically just stuff through the double-crochets there. When opened like this, it should go over baby’s head easily 😀



I can’t wait to put our snowflake in this & see how it’ll fit & if it looks cute on her!!!