Advent Calendar「Teehaus」Tea #20 ● ‘Asian Dragon’

Türchen #20 unseres Advents-Teehauses beinhaltete einen Grüntee ‘Asian Dragon’
Door #20 of our tea house Advent calendar contained a green tea ‘Asian Dragon’/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f53/42756151/files/2014/12/img_0419.jpg
Dieser Tee riecht einfach himmlisch – nach  Erdbeeren & Himbeeren auf Vanilleeis im Sommer – ganz untypisch für diese Jahreszeit aber dennoch lecker!
This tea smells heavenly –  like strawberries & raspberries on vanilla icecream on a hot summer’s day – not really suiting this season, but really good and delicious nonetheles.

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colour speckled name hoodie for baby (crochet)

nanami hoodie

^^This is our precious daughter Nanami (a bit over 3 weeks young) wearing the colour speckled name hoodie I crochet for her before birth. Now that I announced the name I can finally show you pictures of this handmade piece.

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love this white wool with different colours speckled all over the thread – it creates such a young, playful design when used for a kntting or crochet piece!


I stitched the whole vest (white wool part) in a crochet rib-stitch to give it some flexibility when wearing.

For the edging/borders I used purple wool that also has some hues of violet speckled all over & of course violet semi-transparent buttons in the front.


The edges/border at the arm holes are done in simple crochet stitches (just like the other violet wool parts) but stitching 2 together every now and then creates this ruffled look that fits snugly but not too tight in that area.


And of course the letter-buttons that create the name!!! I’m so happy I found colour matching wool/thread to attach the buttons. It really turned out so well – much better than I imagined before starting this project.


All in all, I wanted to create a sleeveless vest, but add some style to it with the hoodie and name buttons, you know…for that “cool summer Baby” look *laughs*

Finally…in our arms ♥ Baby Album cover art

After a long journey, struggling with infertility due to Endometriosis, going through fertility treatments (IVF), our “Snowflake” from a frozen transfer stuck with us . Finally, in the early hours of July 18th, 2014 we were able to hold our precious daughter in our arms!

We are overflown with joy and excitement of what each new day brings and love to cuddly with our “Snowflake”. As she turns 1 week old today – I want to show you what I did to her Baby album cover (I went all crafty before birth to pass the waiting time). You see, she also has been given a ‘real’ name, obviously 😉

BABY ALBUM (front cover)


I cross stitched her name ‘Nanami’ as well as some little decorational motives. The “subtitle” reads: Little summer snowflake. To add some playfulness I took buttons and just randomly put them on there as well. The crochet border is supposed to add some summer-vibes.



On the inside of the front cover I put a cross stitch owl family and in Japanese it says “Papa, Mama, Nanami” above their heads. I wrote down the lyrics of a song that just speaks right from our heart.


The pages inside which we hope to fill with lots of photos are of different length because I put the same type of crochet border on each page as the front cover has. It’s just more vibrant and cheery that way I thought 🙂

On the inside of the BACK COVER I put the seasonal owls that I already posted a while ago on my blog here


On our choice of name – NANAMI

It’s a name of Japanese origin that is usually written in simple Hiragana ななみ without having a meaning. If it is written in Kanji like this: 七海 it has the meaning of ‘seven seas.’ (To hear the pronounciation CLICK HERE )

We like to interpret the meaning of the Kanji as “Cosmopolitan”, because the “7 seas” go all around the world. We want our Snowflake to go wherever she wants to go in this world & have her discover the various, different, unique parts of the world on her own way. By that, we not only think of the geographical world, but also the different, colorful cultures, lifestyles, life plans people have (i.e. a couple = not just man/woman etc).

In that sense^^^^we hopefully manage to raise our girl to be an open-minded, cosmopolite person who will be able to live a colorful life with her very own mind ❤




Seasonal Owls – pixel art (cross stitch)

I finished tha last handmade project I started before giving birth – and it’s a cross stitch project.

“Seasonal Owls”: Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter


I was working very hard on all four owls because I wanted to finish it before giving birth – I will not start anything else now while waiting to go into labour (^_^)

(Crochet) Baby Dress – Explosion of Colours

I finished this a while ago, but havn’t gotten around to post it just yet. I know, I never get tired of mentioning how I just love colourful things, especially when it comes to clothing – so with this Crochet Baby Dress I really went all out on using COLOURS



The whole dress is worked in rounds, alternating colours with each one. Basically it’s just bundles of 3 double crochet stitches from top to bottom. Only the bottom edge and rim around the armholes is worked in shells.


As a finishing touch I crochet a simple string to use as a tie around the waist and made a little bow in the front!


Just looking at this colourful dress puts a smile on my face and I think that if worn in summer with sunshine all around, it will definitely show it’s true colourful potential 😀