Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #3

 This double page is very special to me: it’s about my baby daughter!

I picked this double page to be all about my daughter, because it has the calendar on the bottom of the right page saying “A DAY TO REMEMBER”, so I circled her birthday with a heart.
In addition to that I used adhesive letters to add the birth-month (spelled in the german version with an “i” in the end) and her name, as well as “My Girl” and the meaning of her Japanese name (kanji 七海), “7 seas”

I took polaroids of her, as well as me with her & my husband with her to fill out the page on the left with that. I really like the little frames for the polaroids that I got from a friend. On the page to the right I only added a palm print of hers and will use the empty space to fill it with all the funny, witty, interesting things she’ll say once she can talk (more).

In the middle I attached a little wooden ’ema’ keychain I bought at a Japanese shrine that sort of specialises on wishes & prayers for a good upbringing and education of children.
Something I added in the middle to the “rings” of my smash book are little ‘song cards’ as I like to call them. Basically I got a little crafty and made cards that on the front are decorated according to the theme of the lullaby/children’s song, and have the song lyrics written on the back. They are all  in Japanese lullabies (except for the one on the bottom left which is just the Japanese version of “twinkle twinkle little star”).

I can’t wait to fill the page on the right with quotes of all the things she says that I want to remember!

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Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #2

I filled another double-page in my Smash*Book!

This time I wanted all my favourite perfumes in one place. So I cut out the packaging of each perfume and used washi tape to put them on the pages in a way, so you can “unfold” the packaging (as youc an see on the two photos on the botom). Often the design of the packaging itself is so nice and goes all the way around, I just wanted to keep all that.

I added a quote by Jean-Paul Guerlain: “Perfume is the most intense form of memory”

I left a bit of space at the top because, I don’t know ….I might find another perfume I really really like in the future, and then I can stick the packaging there!


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Berlin. 25 Years Later. Wall of Lights

8000 balloons will shine as a ‘wall of light’ along the former course of the Berlin Wall . Every single balloon will be released to fly off and “lift the wall” on November9th – 25 years after the fall of the former Berlin Wall took place.
As someone who was born in the former GDR, behind the Wall with parents who never got to travel to places around the world, it’s a weird but exciting feeling to see this light installation right before our windows.

25 years ago, this was the death-strip…nobody could have lived, or even walked so close to the wall. Now we live here with our baby who won’t have to suffer from being confined and from the lack of freedom to go wherever she want to go!

I can’t climb that pole!!『blogtober 2014』

Day 29 of blogtober2014 is about embarrassment

Most embarrasing moment
I thought about what to write for this prompt all day, and to be honest I couldn’t think of a really good story, or lots of embarrassing moments in my life. Sure, there were a few (everyone goes through some embarrassment in their life right?!), but my brain is pretty good in not keeping too many records of such situations – I like that.

There is one moment from my childhood that I found embarrassing and that I will remember forever. It’s an episode from gym/P.E. class, which was one of my LEAST favourite subject at school (not so much due to the physical effort involved as more due to the fact that we had to 1st class in every type of sport to get a good grade). There was one thing I hated most, because I just couldn’t do it: climbing up the pole! Yes, that was an exercise we had to do and got graded on during gym class in primary school. I tried it before, when no one was looking & on the playground so I KNEW FOR SURE I was not able to climb up that pole. Instead it would just hang on the bottom of the pole like a sack of potatoes. My gym teacher, she was an evil woman. I talked to her and told her that I can’t do it, I don’t know how to make my body work ina way that will enable me to climb up that pole. A good teacher would have maybe offered to stay for a few minutes after class and help me learn it a bit – NOT HER! She ordered me in front of the whole class to climb that stupid pole.

There I stood with all the other kids staring at me, already grinning cause they knew I fail so bad at this. When I think about that moment I can still feel the embarrassment I felt back then. I refused over and over again, telling her I don’t know how to climb up the pole. She then told me to go back to the dressing room and change (getting send out of class was a really bad thing, and I was never sent out of class ever before or again in my school life). So I stomped off, arms crossed angrily in front of my chest. Just before I went through the gym door, I turned around and stuck out my tongue to the teacher (It was such a rebel thing to do back then…. well, it was the only rebel thingI could think of and dared to do!) That of course had her coming after me to the dressing room and writing a note to my parents.

To this day I think that I was not in the wrong, that she was jut a horrible fail as a teacher alltogether for making me the laughing  stock of the class rather than helping me when I turned to her with my problem.



My dream vacation always will be…『blogtober 2014』

Day 21 of blogtober2014 takes me back to Japan – my “home away from home” kind of place.

Your Dream Vacation
I already wrote a blog post on our trip to Iceland, which was a bit like a dream, a totally different world ^^ In that blog entry I also mentioned anothere country which I want to talk about now as it is & always will be my “dream vacation place” to go 🙂

JAPAN – 日本 – TÔKYÔ – 東京
Ever since my first stay there in May 2008 (when I went to language school in Tôkyô) I fell in love with the city & country more and more. Tôkyô is a city that is making me feel just so…alive. I could probably write a novel-length entry about why I like it so much & keep going back every year, but maybe I will leave that for future blog entries, you know…talking about different aspects individually.
view from Sky Tree over Tôkyô – with the Sky Tree casting its shadow

I filmed some footage on our last trip to (Tokyo) Japan in September 2013 and put it together with photos in a sort of vacation video. The annotations are in German but I think you can still enjoy watching if you can’t read German as pictures and video clips don’t need much explanation 🙂

Every time I go to Japan a little piece of my heart stays there, and I feel homesick for it when coming back to Germany.


Cuddle buddies『blogtober 2014』

We’re going down noastalgia-avenue again with day 14 of blogtober2014 .

Your funniest memory from your childhood
My sister always wanted a cat as a pet, but my mother was not so keen on having a litter box in her home and scratched furniture all over the place. So when the day finally came and my sister got a black cat, it had to live with my grandma. We gave him the name Felix – he was really fluffy with long black fur and green eyes. My sister loved that cat from the beginning, slept near the cat pillow (on the floor sometimes) when at my grandmas and hugged and cuddled him all the time. He seemed to love being cuddled as well.

Now…I did appreciate the excitement and the beauty of said cat, but wasn’t so keen on petting him or even go so far as to pick him up for a cuddle. I don’t really know why, but I was scared (my uncle always had a big dog of which I was never scared to be touchy and close with). I think it was his face and eyes. They fascinated me but at the same time he always looked like he knew exactly how I felt and was in charge of the situation at all times. I got scared whenever he came close to me.

One day, at my grandmothers around noon I was sitting near the oven in her very old house and reading something. My father was napping on the couch in the same room. I was to behave quietly as not to wake him up. After a while Felix, the cat came walking into the living room, stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes…we stared at each other while I tried to hold my breath, hoping he would just walk off again. BUT NO!! He decided, that the place next to the warm oven should be his, and if I’m in it, well then he will just have to sit in my lap. He jump up into my lap and I took a deep breath of shock, held my arms up in the air and waited. He leisurely plumped himself into my lap rolled up into a ball of cat-fur and dozed off. After minutes I decided to lower my arms and caaaaarefully pet him. It worked, it felt nice, we sat there peacuflly enjoying the warmth of the oven and I was never scared of him or cats again. We became just as much of cuddle buddies as him and my sister.

Back then, in that very moment it wasn’t funny at all, but thinking back, even days after that I could tell the story and laugh about it 🙂

Halloween IF grumpy cat reappears!『blogtober 2014』

Yesterday we went to the future (kind of), and today it’s throw-back-thursday for blogtober 2014 !

Your best or worst Halloween memory #TBT
Halloween is actually not that big of a thing here in Germany where I live, so I don’t really have specific memories for that special last day of October. I’m also someone who is frightened easily, and get a little heart attack everytime someone comes into the room a little too quiet for me to notice right away. I guess that makes me a bit of a Halloween fail.

BUT…there is one thing I get excited about when it comes to Halloween: PUMPKINS! I do enjoy the “pumpkin season” and love to see carved pumpkins and such. Last year, I took part in the “IF Pumpkin Smackdown 2013″ and actually carved a pumpkin myself for the first time. It was so much fun!
I carved an ‘Infertility Grumpy Cat’-pumpkin and you can see my blog post with pictures of it HERE. A little halloween-throw-back-sneak-peak
halloween | tinadayo

I was on my two-week-wait back then after my frozen embryo transfer and it was such a good distraction from worrying and thinking about whether it will lead to a positive pregnancy test. Little did I know that our IVF miracle was actually already getting comfy in my belly and with us for this years Halloween. It’s definitely a memorable Halloween memory of mine.

Hello there, in 2024…『blogtober 2014』

Today is letter writing day for October 8th of blogtober 2014. It’s like a little time capsule entry, isn’t it. 🙂

A letter to yourself in 10 years.
Hi there Tina,
it’s me (which is you) from 10 years ago, October 8th 2014. Writing this letter to you ( I mean…me) is quite exciting in a way, as I imagine myself to really read this in 10 years time. I wonder where will I be in life. Are we still living in Berlin? Will we still keep gerbils as pets (most probably different ones from now, since they only have a life span of 3 years)?? How is our little family? Did we decide to try another round of IVF/FET for a second child??

Do you still remember how special this year was when reading this letter now? It was the year our little snowflake Nanami was born. And even more special since it is October which means, it’s the month she was taken out of the freezer bank in the IVF lab – still a tiny embryo – and transferred into my womb. It gives me the chills in a positive way (of course!) thinking about it right now. I wonder if that feeling is still the same in October 2024??!!

I’m looking at our precious daughter, now almost 3 months old and try to picture her in 10 years from now…what will she look like? What will she wear? What is she into these days? Maybe, she will be right by your…my side when reading this letter from 2014. What a mind-boggling thought!

It’s weird to think that when I read this in 10 years, I – you – will probably have all the  answers to these questions & thoughts.I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

Send me back a smile!
– mefrom2014