Words uttered in passion…『blogtober 2014』

It’s day 15 of blogtober 2014 and it’s time to quote!

Your favourite quote & why
One of my most favourite quotes is from the novel ‘Kokoro (こころ)‘ written by Natsume Sôseki (1867-1916), a famous Japanese writer. “Kokoro” is a Japanese term that describes the mind, the heart, the spirit, the very core of thoughts.


I believe, that words uttered in passion,
contain a greater living truth than do those words
which express thoughts rationally conceived.
It is blood that moves the human body.
Words are not meant to stir air only:
they are capable of moving greater things.

I’m a lover of words. Someone who can find beauty in the way things are said or written. So when I read this paragraph in the novel, I had to stop for a minute or two and just take it all in completely. Ever since this quote manifested itself in the back of my mind, always with me.


Learn to be what you are『blogtober 2014』

Day 12 of blogtober 2014 is here with another nice prompt…

Best advice you’ve been given

Throughout life, we’ve been given all sorts of advice – good & bad, from different people – again, good & bad. I remember my mother and grandmother were always on my side in times of worry or sadness and told me many things that helped me in those situations, and somewhat shaped me as the person I am today. I also take many advice from sayings and/or books I’ve read, beginning in early childhood.

The advice that has been stuck in my mind for years now, is a quote that I’ve read somewhere I don’t even remember, but the essence of it just feels so strong.

Learn to be what you are.
And learn to resign with all good grace,
all that you are not.

– by Henri-Frédéric Amiel (1821-1881)

In my opinion, these few words have everything a good advice need – both: do & don’t, self-reflection, stating that all of it is a process and not achieved in a blink of an eye. I feel that true happiness & satisfaction in life can be achieved when one is totally aware of who they are & at the same time of who they are not – and most importantly: if they can let go of the part they are not. It really is a process to understanding to be content with the person you are, with all the good & bad traits you might have. And also letting go of an image of someone you think you need to be, or want to be due to certain influences from the outside.

The realization of who you truely are as a person, followed by the unconditional acceptance of that person is something worth striving for, isn’t it.



Book of Life

My birthday is coming up and when it comes to birthday wishes of mine: I don’t really have any. My biggest wish & present is the one I’m carrying right below my heart every day. Since snowflake is with me, I can’t really think of anything for myself that I’d really really really want. Basically I want this pregnancy to go smoothly, but when it comes to material things, everything that comes to mind is baby stuff that I think of buying. So the birthday money will be used for that.

HOWEVER…I did buy myself a little (early) birthday present over which I stumbled online…

It’s a german book called: “My Book of Life” which you basically have to write yourself…well…more like filling it yourself. It’s filled with different questions on each page that are somewhat on a psychological level, and are supposed to make you think about yourself, your wishes, your life – it’s the idea to get to know yourself much better while filling out each page & answering those questions: ‘My dream of happiness’ – ‘Where do I feel home’ – ‘The nicest words said to me in the last year’ – ‘I want to let go of those thoughts’ etc…

So it isn’t a diary in the literal sense but you can sit down every day (or well, when you feel like it) and open up a random page and think about that question, then trying to fill that page with your answers – no matter if it’s written, drawn, pictures glued onto the page – whatever! Here are sample shots of two of those pages…(every page has a different layout, which mix things up and make it more…creative)

left picture: ‘have you become the person that you wanted to become?’ – ‘Which traits of the person you’ve been as a child can you still find in yourself today?’
right picture: ‘When, where, how, through whom have you experienced: peace, luck, happiness, serenity, wisdom, energy, concentration, security…?’

I’m looking forward to spend some time thinking about those interesting questions & maybe even get to know myself & my life a little bit better through it 🙂

Waiting for Hope

‘to wait’ can be one of the most strenuous actions one has to go through, even though you don’t really DO anything when waiting for something to happen.

I have to wait for my official blood test after a Frozen Embryo Transfer right now, but it doesn’t matter what you’re waiting for really…just ‘having to wait for something’ itself can be the hardest thing to do.

One Moment you have hope, thinking: everything will end well – the next moment you lose that slowly built up hope within seconds, because something happened to cause you to lose it, or maybe even just a gut feeling tells you: it’s all lost.

Right now I AM in a situation where I just broke out in tears because something has crashed my hope (that I worked so hard to built up) within a second. Then I remembered this quote that I read in the morning:

Waiting with hope is very difficult, but true patience is expressed when we must even wait for hope. I will have reached the point of greatest strength once I have learned to wait for hope.
– George Matheson

I’ve been through the difficult time of waiting WITH hope, and now I must even wait FOR hope to maybe come back. I have calmed down and will try to strengthen my mind & learn to wait for hope.



I give what love there is in loving
what remains beyond my knowing

by Nakahara Chûya
(a Japanese poet active during the early Shōwa period)

I’ve had this stuck in my mind ever since I first read it (quite some time ago). I think it does not only sound so very beautiful, but also goes to the right to the core of my heart. It expresses such a wonderful, deep, sometimes antagonising feeling….in just two lines.