「handmade」Advent Calendar – Christmas Winter Owls

This year I ordered some material to get crafty and make a special Advent Calendar with Christmas Winter owls & their houses in festive, seasonal decoration (^_^)DSCN2507
We hung it up in the baby room, but of course, our four and a half months young daughter is still too young to understand the concept of an advent calendar. Thus, I will “test” it this year and my husband filled it with sweets for me. From next year on, we will fill it for our sweet little girl. DSCN2508 DSCN2509
Basically it was a set with all the motives printed on cardboard, but how you put the pieces together was totally up to me, so it’s a one-of-a-kind calendar which you can fill with whatever you like 🙂 DSCN2510
Are those owls just super cute or are they super cute???DSCN2514
If you look closely you can see that the decorative pieces such as the present boxes are layered – it’s a sort of 3D effect. The set also included some little plastic rhinestone bling-bling which one can add in whatever way you like. DSCN2516
On the front and back you have peep-holes which feeds the curious soul! DSCN2518
On the side there is a little door to open and fill or take out sweets (or whatever you like) of each owl house DSCN2520

I think it’s just such an adorable winter-advent calendar idea – and of course very fitting with the owl theme of our baby room.

Today is the 1st Sunday in Advent!! Hope you all spend the day comfortably 🙂


Cuddle buddies『blogtober 2014』

We’re going down noastalgia-avenue again with day 14 of blogtober2014 .

Your funniest memory from your childhood
My sister always wanted a cat as a pet, but my mother was not so keen on having a litter box in her home and scratched furniture all over the place. So when the day finally came and my sister got a black cat, it had to live with my grandma. We gave him the name Felix – he was really fluffy with long black fur and green eyes. My sister loved that cat from the beginning, slept near the cat pillow (on the floor sometimes) when at my grandmas and hugged and cuddled him all the time. He seemed to love being cuddled as well.

Now…I did appreciate the excitement and the beauty of said cat, but wasn’t so keen on petting him or even go so far as to pick him up for a cuddle. I don’t really know why, but I was scared (my uncle always had a big dog of which I was never scared to be touchy and close with). I think it was his face and eyes. They fascinated me but at the same time he always looked like he knew exactly how I felt and was in charge of the situation at all times. I got scared whenever he came close to me.

One day, at my grandmothers around noon I was sitting near the oven in her very old house and reading something. My father was napping on the couch in the same room. I was to behave quietly as not to wake him up. After a while Felix, the cat came walking into the living room, stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes…we stared at each other while I tried to hold my breath, hoping he would just walk off again. BUT NO!! He decided, that the place next to the warm oven should be his, and if I’m in it, well then he will just have to sit in my lap. He jump up into my lap and I took a deep breath of shock, held my arms up in the air and waited. He leisurely plumped himself into my lap rolled up into a ball of cat-fur and dozed off. After minutes I decided to lower my arms and caaaaarefully pet him. It worked, it felt nice, we sat there peacuflly enjoying the warmth of the oven and I was never scared of him or cats again. We became just as much of cuddle buddies as him and my sister.

Back then, in that very moment it wasn’t funny at all, but thinking back, even days after that I could tell the story and laugh about it 🙂