Cloth Diapers – our decision and experience

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For every pregnant couple (or woman) there comes the day when you decide on what baby products to buy. Diapers will play a big part in the life of a newborn & new parents. For us it was pretty much decided right from the start that we want to use cloth diapers once the baby is born.

Our (personal) motivation to cloth diaper was based on the following reasons:

  • Both, my husband & I were cloth diapers by our parents as babies
  • cloth simply feels much more comfortable (if you can feel the difference with your hands, babies can feel the difference on their bums! )
  • Saving money: Although a single cloth diaper may cost more than a single disposable diaper, in the long run it can save a lot of money (and even more if used again with 2nd or 3rd baby 😉
  • It’s better for the environment, because cloth diapers get washed and re-used instead of thrown away, creating tons and tons of waste that often takes several decades to decompose
  • We’re lazy! *laughs* not really, but the thought of having to go out every other day to bus huge packages of dispoable diapers, then having to empty the trash every night because they fill up the bin quickly, ugh…we rather spare ourselves the stress and time and spend it with our little one instead.
  • There are just sooo many cute designs to choose from, that make me smiley happy just looking at them (no disposable diaper ever did that to me!)

Now, after deciding we want to cloth diaper, there was another decision to make: Which “system” to use?? After reading up here on how different types of cloth diapers are used, we decided to go for the low-cost system of using prefolds & covers mostly. My mother kept loads of muslin inserts from when I was a baby, so by using those with covers, we only needed to buy a very little amount of extra prefolds/inserts and used the saved money to try the one or the other more pricey AIO (All in one) cloth diaper.

We ordered all of our diapers from – which became our favourite cloth dealer by now, since the quick handling & shipping as well as the customer service is just fantastic. If you’re not sure yet which type of cloth diaper to use, or want to stack up and save a bit of money, they have great saving packs. At first, we ordered the Diaper Cover & Prefolds Test Pack for Size 1, plus two to three additional covers & one Blueberry Capri (Swaddlebees) AIO. That (together with the muslins my mother kept for us) was basically all we needed with putting one a wash-load once a day. Of course, as with everything else in the world, the more money you are willing to spend the more you can buy 🙂

Now, with a three and a half month old baby we needed to change from Size 1 to Size 2 (that will last until she’s out of diapers and potty trained), so we ordered the Diapver Cover & Prefolds test Pack for Size 2, as well as two additional covers: 1 of the Blueberry Capri brand and 1 of the Rumparooz brand. Since I just love the design and wanted to try them out, we also ordered two bumgenius freetime AIOs with snaps (we could survive with out them diaper-wise, but I just couldn’t hold back)

Here are ALL of our cloth diaper covers & AIOs
I  really like how quick they dry after a wash and just how simple & easy it is (really not much slower than disposables, even with putting the prefold into the cover!). Both brands, Blueberry Capri as well as Rumparooz have double leg gussets which prevent leaking extremely well! We liked the snaps more than the hook & loop ones, as we had some pilling on them after 1 months (not much and still works just fine though) – I guess that’s personal liking everyone develops while trying out different types 🙂

Of course you need the prefolds to put into the covers (different types are included in the test pack) and optional liners  – here’s what we use:DSCN2444
Out of those different types of prefolds we like the hemp one the least, simple because they take so much time to dry (we don’t have a dryer, we hang-dry our clothes & cloths), they do absorb nicely though! Our favourites are the 100% cotton prefolds: easiest to tri-fold, great absorption and not heavy to carry with you in a diaper bag etc. The Little Lamb fleecy liners are a bit more expensive than other options but for us they were the most comfortable ones and best to handle so we stuck with those.

Our daughter has been in cloth diapers since the day she was born – we didn’t (need to) use disposable diapers at all. She didn’t have a rash on her bum once and we love to put on all the different, lovely designs!!!DSCN2447
(don’t be fooled by her stern facial expressions, she loves the changing table and getting changed, she just wasn’t fully awake yet from her nap )


If I would rule…『blogtober 2014』

On this 11th day of blogtober 2014, I’m here to take on a bigger role…;)

If you were president….
Well, in Germany were I live the equivalent of the president (such as the one of the US) would be the chancellor. So if I would be chancellor of Germany…

  • I would cut down the parliamentary allowance, the pay & perks of our politicians. One should get paid for their work, I agree. But one shouldn’t get money stuffed up their bottoms so much that their blood turns from red to green (if you know what I mean). There shouldn’t be such a huge gap between someone who makes good money from a good job position and the ridiculous amount of money our politicians are making only for getting up in the morning.
  • I would not put any added value/sales tax on pharmaceuticals and medication. This one comes from personal experience. While getting fertility treatment to try and conceive our child, all the medication I had to get (fertility drugs, pills, self-injections etc.) added up to a huge amount of money, obviously. When I looked at our bills I realized that it could have been one third less expensive if there wouldn’t have been any sales tax. So I thought: “huh,…interesting. The politicians always say we need more children to be born, yet they make a load of cash off of my infertility and treatment to have a child. That doesn’t seem helpful or nice!” And lets face it, it’s not only fertility treatment, it’s every medical treatment that isn’t  and additional medication on which we (in Germany) have to pay 19% sales tax. NINETEEN PERCENT! Anyone who has to fight a medical battle or an illness should not be punished on top of that with sales tax on medicine they need!
  • I would make it a law, that every issue concerning the state of Germany and/or its citizens is decided on by a referendum. Thus, putting a lot more “democracy” back in our political system. Why are we, the people not getting a say-so in the big decisions, yet have to carry them financially? That doesn’t seem fair to me. Neighbouring countries such as Switzerland have a lot more referendum-decisions and it works just fine, plus the people feel a little more part of the decision- & law-making process. So I say: more power to the people!

Fall Bucket List 『blogtober 2014』

It’s day 5 of blogtober 2014 – I’m enjoying atumn so far, it’s a lovely season.

Your fall bucket list
I don’t have one.

Now, that would be a bit too short for a blog entry and I would feel like I’m cheating or something, so let me explain why I don’t have or make a list.
I don’t really like the concept of making a (bucket) list. I make lists for grocery shopping or recipe ingredients, books I’ve read, movies I saw and so on. However, I have never made a (bucket) list for things I plan to do in a certain time span.
To me, making such a bucket list feels like being in a long distance relationship (my husband & I actually were having such a long distance realtionship for the first 3-4 years due to studying in different cities, so I know what I’m talking about 😉 ) You look try to do all the things you’ve planned and imagined for that certain time, and it creates a bit of pressure to accomplish it all – and having to have fun while doing it! Been there, done that, didn’t like how it felt.

With that long distance relationship we knew we were going somewhere with it and “endured” the 3-4 years of ‘fun on weekends’. But I don’t see the point in “enduring” a seasonal bucket list. So I don’t make one. This is just me though, if you enjoy a bucket list, then do have fun with it by all means!

I will try to enjoy autumn as much as possible. And if I have something in mind that I’d like to do, then I will just go ahead and do it 🙂

I take a step & see where life takes me

First steps are the hardest, but they can also be the beginning of a journey. Moving into whatever direction I choose, or just being curious where the chosen path leads me to in the end. Taking steps – moving – means change. I like change. For a matter of fact, right now I wish for nothing more than for certain things to change in my life. I’m taking steps everyday, trying to walk my path, trying to walk towards change.

However, sometimes it’s the circumstances in life that need to change, and you can do nothing in your power to force or provoke that change – you can do nothing but wait for it to just…happen!
In the meanwhile, I can either go insane or try to get everything out of the funny, curious, hopeful & random moments life has to offer me. And I just decided to go for the latter.