Lemony Spring Dress (crochet) with Star Buttons

Aaaaaand the craft-fever continues!!! (^_^)

This week I finished a Lemony Spring Dress which she can probably wear from 10-12 months on. I had a picture where this dress was just white with pastell green, but …with me….no pastels please, thanks!! So I decided to go for a lemony yellow with light blue 🙂


The yoke part is made up of individual crochet-granny squares which are all kinda puzzled together & then I continues crocheting the skirt part.

The special detail in the front is the bow, so the dress can definitely fitted throughout some months of growing that a baby/toddler is going through


The eye-catching detail in the back are two yellow star buttons, because I thought they just fit so well into the whole design, and it’s so cute for baby/toddler age. After I was done, it seemed like a good decision, definitely.


I’m seriously enjoying my crafty phase so much right now, making all these things for Snowflake, imagining her wearing them later…it makes my heart skip a beat!! ❤


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