(Crochet) Baby Dress – Explosion of Colours

I finished this a while ago, but havn’t gotten around to post it just yet. I know, I never get tired of mentioning how I just love colourful things, especially when it comes to clothing – so with this Crochet Baby Dress I really went all out on using COLOURS



The whole dress is worked in rounds, alternating colours with each one. Basically it’s just bundles of 3 double crochet stitches from top to bottom. Only the bottom edge and rim around the armholes is worked in shells.


As a finishing touch I crochet a simple string to use as a tie around the waist and made a little bow in the front!


Just looking at this colourful dress puts a smile on my face and I think that if worn in summer with sunshine all around, it will definitely show it’s true colourful potential 😀


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