「handmade」Pink Snowflake Mittens (knitted)

Winter is coming!
So I took out my knitting needles and made these pink-white snowflake mittens 🙂


The wrist area is done in a ‘one knit, one purl…etc’ pattern but the hand and finger part is simply stockinette stitch with changing colours to white in the middle to create the snowflake!



Fall Fashion – the simple, comfy kind『blogtober 2014』

Day 16 of blogtober2014 is dedicated to the fashion of this season.

Fall Fashion
I have to admit that I’m not a real fashion-addict, who enjoys posting “Outfit of the day” updates. I don’t go shopping every week, not even every month, but I wear the clothes I buy for years mostly (of course adding something new when I feel like it). It’s not even so much a money issue as it is the fact that I just really like the clothes I buy and then want to wear the pieces for a long time. 321572_2590092628834_141800041_n
This is what I like to wear in autumn. It’s a 3-4 year old photo taken of me in Yamashita Park (Yokohama, Japan). BUT I still wear those same clothes on an autumn day this year. Just a comfy pair of jeans, my well loved dark petrol knitted long-shirt, a jacket and a dark blue scarf. It’s really simple and not “high-fashion” at all, but I rather enjoy the colourful autumn scenery instead of pondering too much over what to wear these days 😉

To add some color, I love to wear handwarmers as autumn  days can get quite chilly sometimes.
I crochet these myself, you can find other creations looking through my handmade category 😉

Of course cardigans are also a big thing during fall season. I have several to just put over a thinner shirt to get that extra bit of cozy comfort. And since I’m a mum, I also crochet a ‘fall fashion cadigan’ for my daughter
You can click here and see my blog post about this cardigan ^^with close up pictures of the details 🙂

Life is PINK


Ever since I started seeing PINK lines on my home pregnancy tests, I also started knitting these handwarmers. The different intensity of the color pink that I saw on the tests inspired me to mix light and dark pink(violet). Using these colors and reminded me to be confident and keep trusting those little pink lines on the test. (I was having trust-issues since they tricked me last time and I ended up with an early miscarriage due to non-viable pregnancy).

Since the “pink lines” were a big part of my days leading up to the official test, I decided to call these handwarmers “LIFE IS PINK” (^_^) You can get them here.

For more handwarmers, cup cozies and knitted flower necklaces, have a look at my etsy shop 🙂



Sprinkle some Colour

I love autumn when the leaves turn yellow and then red & you feel the seasons changing. In the part of the world where I live this happens very fast and after a week of that amazing colour-change the leaves fall off the trees and all we are left with is naked trees set to a dull-grey sky as the background 😦

That’s why I decided to sprinkle some colour into autumn season and crochet handwarmers that make you smile due to all the colours just when you look at them


If you want some bright colours to cheer you up during autumn & winter season, you can get them HERE

You’ll find handwarmers in different colours in my shop, like the “Seasonal Tints” I wrote about a few days ago