handmade newborn baby dress (crochet)

I’m back into my crochet-phase it seems 🙂 I found some cute baby dress pictures online and decided to try a more simple “Newborn Baby Dress” first. It should fit for 0-3 months old babys.

The picture I’ve seen of this one had white & pastell colours, but like I said before, that is not really me or the style we like. I want COLOURFUL! (^_^) So I chose a vibrant green with a more dusty intense rose colour & yellow for the edges/button.



it’ll basically only cover the upper body and you can see the diaper peeking out. That’s how it is intended to be & since we’re gonna go with pretty cloth diaper(-pants) it’ll be cute. Also, our snowflake will be born in summer, so I think this is totally nice to wear at home when it’s all hot during those months.


detail knopf

It’s a crochet button that you basically just stuff through the double-crochets there. When opened like this, it should go over baby’s head easily 😀



I can’t wait to put our snowflake in this & see how it’ll fit & if it looks cute on her!!!


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