Oh, you make me feel so…

Foto 2

That is exactly how snowflake makes me feel since 4-5 days ago. Don’t get me wrong, I DID say “I would give anything to be pregnant and have nausea” when fertile people complained before, and I stand by my word. I would feel MUCH more worried if I wouldn’t have anything – especially with the spotting and off-on-bleeding. What I EXPECTED was that “morning” sickness or well nausea at just a certain time of the day, or coming & going several times. What I DIDN’T EXPECT was for that special nausea to torture me every minute of the day. It never leaves, and it’s not like a hangover or illness nausea, not like any kind of nausea I’ve experienced before. It takes so much energy to feel like you are about to throw up any second….every second of the day. it’s worst at night and early morning…I often think I just want to sleep and not wake up until it’s over..like “Sleeping Beauty”.

The other horrible side effect is that I have to really force food down my throat. Never has the simple task of “eating” been such a torture for me. That’s why this picture^^^described my feelings perfect. I feel tortured and like my body is taking itself apart from the inside, but I could throw up hearts because it also lets me feel that snowflake is there and probably healthy doing it’s thing, growing and all ❤

I will probably continue to feel like this until Christmas, because only then the placenta will be able to sustain itself, thus the HCG is not needed anymore and with it the pregnancy nausea should vanish as well. I SURE HOPE SO!!!