「Handmade」interactive felt-book for our toddler

Usually I post about things I make, but this time I have to share the neat little present my mother handmade for her grand daughter (our little girl).  It’s an interactive felt-book to play with and ‘rip out’ different things on each page.

For a closer look on each ‘page’ click “continue reading” below:

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「Animal Kingdom」Coloring Book Update #1

I wrote about my new coloring book ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta HERE.

This is the first page I chose, because it has a little gerbil (mouse) in the middle, and I thought a mandala like shape would be good to get into the groove.

I like how it turned out, although I might would color a bit differently if I’d do it again. There is another page just like that, but with some white spaces so I can fill in my own patterns, and I’ll try a different color-combination when I’ll get to that in the future.

「Animal Kingdom」- My new colouring book

Yes, you read right – I got myself a colouring book!
It’s not any old colouring book like those for little kids – it’s one for adults (or anyone of age and ability to colour in tiny spaces) & it’s supposed to have an relaxing effect on you. After Amy Marshall tweeted about hers, I was so intruiged that I immediately had to get one for myself.
The book is called ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta, who by the way will have another one of those colouring books out in the future called ‘Tropical World’ (*psst* on German Amazon it comes out July 1st which is pretty soon, but on the Amazon US it says September 2015)

It’s bigger than I thought, and the pages have a nice thickness to them, so pens won’t colour through to the other side so easily. The front & back cover has spaces coloured in gold (just as the title) and both- front & back cover fold out with more drawings to colour in.

I can’t wait to get started on one of the pages!!


Stars on Green – 「handmade」Pyjama

When online shopping at my German ‘craft dealer website’ I came across the wonderful, cheery looking greeen fleece fabric with colourful stars on it. Immediately I though to myself: MAKE A PYJAMA !!!!
So I ordered 3m (about 3.3 yards maybe) to have enough fabric in case I make a mistake, ahem…I didn’t though!


I took some sweat pants and a sweat shirt I had and used them as pattern. Simply fold them in half back to back nd cut out (after folding your fabric in half as well, of course) and then fold the pants front to front and cut along the edge (giving about 1 inch for seam allowance!!) I sewed an elastic band into the waist-hem of my pants so I’m not losing them 😉

Same procedure for the top of my pyjama: I just folded it in half and with seam allowance cut along the shirt on my fabric – arms, too!

That fleece fabric is sooooooooo soft, inside and out, I can’t wait to fall asleep in that tonight!

Crochet Mood Blanket 2015 – week 1

YAY, the first week of my Crochet Mood Blanket 2015 is done!! It almost has something therapeutic to sit down at the end of each day and crochet a granny square in the mood-fitting colour.


It started with the light green square because I was quite determined at the start of the new year (still am!!)

1. determination (personal)
2. blessed & loved with my beautiful baby girl who was in cuddle mood
3. productive making a little something for a friend
4. HAPPY (highlight of my week) at baby swimming class ❤
5. a little worried, a little pensive, a little chaotic (personal)
6. mildly grouchy & upset about husband taking down the Christmas tree – I love those lights!
7. feeling okay ….

Since I will have 18 squares go across, next weeks part will be joined right onto this first week. Quite exciting to see all the blocks come together!