「Handmade」interactive felt-book for our toddler

Usually I post about things I make, but this time I have to share the neat little present my mother handmade for her grand daughter (our little girl).  It’s an interactive felt-book to play with and ‘rip out’ different things on each page.

For a closer look on each ‘page’ click “continue reading” below:

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「Animal Kingdom」Coloring Book Update #2

I wrote a general blog post about my new coloring book ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta HERE.

Meanwhile I have finished colouring another 4 pages, yeah! It’s sooooo fun & really does relax me or take my mind of things for some time.

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud.” – Carl Sandburg

“Giraffes are fairytale animals, almost heraldic. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to bring a giraffe down. They can kill a lion with a single blow from their feet.” (Joanna Lumley)

The rooster may crow….but the hen delivers the goods!

 Always be yourself. Unless you can be an elephant. Then always be an elephant. 


See al my「Animal Kingdom」colouring updates HERE

「Animal Kingdom」Coloring Book Update #1

I wrote about my new coloring book ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta HERE.

This is the first page I chose, because it has a little gerbil (mouse) in the middle, and I thought a mandala like shape would be good to get into the groove.

I like how it turned out, although I might would color a bit differently if I’d do it again. There is another page just like that, but with some white spaces so I can fill in my own patterns, and I’ll try a different color-combination when I’ll get to that in the future.

Crochet Mood Blanket 2015 – Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update about my Crochet Mood Blanket 2015. I recently finished the 7th row (each 18 granny squares) and took a picture of how the blanket looks right now..

You can see that most colours are repetitive since I decided on a color code (explained in this blog post) and for the most part I’m going by that, maybe just using 2 or 3 colours if my day has been that mood-swingy 🙂 However there are a few squares that have a completely different colour range, those are special squares because the days were special, for instance my birthday. I really like it that way, because I can spot those special squares immediately and also know right away what they are and why I put them there.

As for the daily crocheting of a granny square it’s going quite well. It’s almost part of my daily routine by now. There was one time where I had to catch up over a few days because we were on a family vacation and I didn’t crochet any squares, but just noted down which colour that day was.

Excited to see how the blanket will look with another few rows added – going to post an update then 🙂


Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #1

Recently I was bitten by the ‘smash book bug’ 🙂
I’ve seen so many people make or start one, it seems to be a real hype. And while I’m not one to just join any hype for the sake of it, the fact that you get to be creative and can turn a smash book-base into your very own uniquely styled piece intruiged me very much.

I chose to buy a Smash*Book by K&Company (they have many different ones): it’s the ‘Pretty Pink’ version!  I want to share some pictures of what I’ve done with my Smash Book so far – getting into my creative flow if you will.

Each version of the K&Company Smash Books comes in a differently coloured binding and with a different front cover pattern. This version had flowers and I chose to make them *POP* a little more by simply colouring them the way I liked.

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hand-painted wooden baby walker

My mother-in-law had a wooden baby walker handmade for our little girl as a present. It is supposed to be a little doll carriage but a walker at the same time. She still is some months away from learning how to walk (just learning how to crawl at the moment) but my mother-in-law couldn’t wait and already brought us the walker over. I really liked that it is all wooden, but wanted to add my personal touch and pretty-it up a little by painting it here and there.

LEFT = BEFORE – basic wooden handmade walker & RIGHT = AFTER – with my paint-job donebefore and after

And here are all the painted parts in detail:

1. The Wheels
I decided to just sprinkle medium sized polka dots in 4 different basic colours all over the 4 wheels, and my husband wrapped some vinyl-rubber kind of material around them so they will roll more smoothly.

2. The backside (or front if you look from the opposite direction)
Since owls play a big part in the design of our little girl’s room I just had to paint an owl somewhere on that little walker-carriage. The backside made the perfect canvas so I went all out and even added a butterfly.

3. A little bow
On the side opposite of the owl, there was a bit of “canvas space” left and I thought a bow work well, but to make a connection to the wheels I painted a polka dot bow!

I also painted the wooden bits on the side that were added as decor (I assume) in white to make them stand out a bit more. After I was done with my paint we sprayed clear varnish all over the walker to protect the paintings and the wood of course.

Here is the finished painted wooden walker doll carriage from front & back

I’m immensly satisfied with what I did to the walker – it just looks so bright, colourful, cute and unique now, and fits right into the world of our little girl 🙂




Crochet Mood Blanket 2015 – Update


So far it’s going well! I have had a few days where I wasn’t sure which colour to pick to sum up the whole day, because let’s face it: moods change throughout the day *mood swings* So I decided to always go for the mood that kinda dominated the day OR as you can see in some cases: I just used 2 colours for a square.

Our Snowflake Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree is all up and decorated in Snowflakes

(yes, it’s a fake tree & it’s black – we like it this way. ) Some might find the treetop a bit too big maybe, but again – we like it (and standing in front of the tree, it doesn’t seem too big or overpowering). Since I didn’t yet find a treetop that we like and that suits the Snowflake theme of the tree, the handmade paper one will have to do.


Aside from the colourful baubles we have these sparkly Snowflake ornaments my mum’s friend made for us, and they go well with…


this somewhat biggel acrylic Snowflake thingy and our Snowflake lights – I just LOVE how in the evening it does look like snowflakes have just fallen upon the tree. Personally, I like these more than candle lights 🙂

We also have a SPECIAL Snowflake bauble HERE (hopefully the beginning of many in the years to come) on our tree that is a very dear to us.

Aaaaaand just finished wrapping the presents. Now all of them are under our tree 🙂photo.php

Christmas Presents for our Baby Girl

Our little girl is a little bit over 5 months when it’s Christmas this year, so she won’t understand the concept of this festive occasion yet. The same goes for giving or receiving presents. However, we still decided to give her something, because she loves everything that rustles….like wrapping paper (in which some of the presents will be wrapped). And she is fascinated by our christmas tree and the lights.

I want to state that for us, Christmas is not an event of LOADS of presents, each super expensive and huge in itself…in our family it is more about cozy memories with the Christmas tree and having mabye one or two new toys to play with right away.

These are the presents we are giving to our girl this year:
1. ‘slumbertoes’ baby shoes – come in various sizes, and we bought 6-12 months. They are handmade with quality leather and come in 9 different designs. We picked the purple ones with butterflies on them (they don’t have an owl design…) They are basically perfect for crawling and last until baby can walk. Thus, the material is really soft and allows baby feet to flex and move around with ease. Personally I really like how they are just slip on shoes with an elastic band to gently hold the ankle of those little feet.


2. A roly-poly-mushroom ^^ in a very cute and colourful design. It’s all plushy fabric on the outside and has a little bell inside that makes a soft (bearable for parental ears) noise when moving it. I think our daughter will love all over it 🙂


3. MULA – the bead roller coster from IKEA – this was actually not planned as a Christmas gift. Originally we only had the roly-poly-mushroom as a playable present to give to her, but then my husband went out to IKEA to only buy some screws or so and he came back with this & a broad smile on his face. Our girl does enjoy shoving the beads on her little play-gym back and forth, and entertains herself for quite some time. So we do think she will like moving the beads on the spiral and the other 2 thingies.

4. This is the handmade present. I’m a crafter at heart so I couldn’t help but making her one present myself. I bought some colourful owl fabric and made her a little quilt
Click here or on the picture to see the whole quilt and more/better close up pictures of it!!

All together our baby girl is getting 4 presents (which I already consider a lot!) out of which “only” 2 are playable items though. We can’t wait for December 24th to see how her reaction is to the toys and new things she finds under the tree.