Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #1

Recently I was bitten by the ‘smash book bug’ 🙂
I’ve seen so many people make or start one, it seems to be a real hype. And while I’m not one to just join any hype for the sake of it, the fact that you get to be creative and can turn a smash book-base into your very own uniquely styled piece intruiged me very much.

I chose to buy a Smash*Book by K&Company (they have many different ones): it’s the ‘Pretty Pink’ version!  I want to share some pictures of what I’ve done with my Smash Book so far – getting into my creative flow if you will.

Each version of the K&Company Smash Books comes in a differently coloured binding and with a different front cover pattern. This version had flowers and I chose to make them *POP* a little more by simply colouring them the way I liked.

For the back cover I cut out the mama & baby owl from a much worn shirt of my little girl (she’s grown out of it by now) and embedded it in red/white wrapping paper.

The inside of this Smash Book was simply green – actually a green I really like, but I still wanted to add some more colour. I just love colourful things. When I saw this striped wrapping paper I immediately had the idea to cover the front inside with it, as well as the pouch on the inside of the back. Turned out just like I wanted 🙂

The first real page I filled was this simple double page in kind of dark, washed-out blue dots. The perfect background to display some of my beloved, cute, funny, interesting buttons I have. I intend to add more buttons in here whenever I get some new ones 🙂


When I first flipped through the Smash Book and came across this double page I thought it might turn out a bit boring. I didn’t really know what to “write” in there or how to fill it. But then I thought of my nail polish collection and figured it’d be perfect to “showcase” swatches of my favourite colours. I know, I know, still not super creative, but with this page it’s the best I could think of…

I will blog about my updates whenever I’m done with the next few pages 😉


2 thoughts on “Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #1

  1. Ko-chan

    Oh, das Cover deines Smashbooks sieht jetzt viel besser aus, schöne Farben! Diese vielen verschiedenen Knöpfe sind so süß, was es da nicht alles gibt. Freue mich richtig darauf weitere Einträge zu sehen. 🙂

    1. Hehe, ich finde das Cover auch viel schöner jetzt und streiche mit der Hand immer drüber wenn ich es vornehme um Schnipsel oder ähnliches einzukleben. Habe schon noch mehr Seiten angefangen (alle zu einem jeweilig anderen Thema was “zu mir gehört”, aber die dauern noch ein wenig bis sie gefüllt sind – macht aber riesen Spaß)

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