The Process of Moving Out (of Germany)

It is done! We are officially moved out of our apartment in Berlin and as of now: “homeless” (We are staying in a hotel until our flight though). The whole entire process of “moving out” took 5 days: The first 2 days were just packing & moving out our household stuff, and the last 3 days consisted of cleaning up the apartment to get it ready for handing over the keys to the landlord today.

For part one: packing & moving our entire household, we had a moving company called Santa Fe Relocations that was hired by the company that coordinates my husbands expat work matters. The 4 guys who’ve been on the job, in our apartment did a fantastic job wrapping all of our stuff carefully and safely. They also never gave us the feeling that we are in the way, especially our little toddler daughter who had a ball running around between all the boxes and decorating them with “stickers”. They were so thoughfully to pack the couch last, so I’d still have a place to sit/lounge because I’m 6 months pregnant at this time. Furthermore, they engaged in little play moments with our daughter, playing “catch ball” or showing her the tools, such as an electric drill and offering her to push the button herself once. They let her climb into the truck and inspect every corner. What I’m saying is, that they made this moving experience as comfortable as possible for us, realizing we as a family are connected to our stuff, instead of just focusing on the “packing boxes” process only. Awesome guys!!

They wrapped & packed everything on the first day, and moved it downstairs on the second. ^^^On the first picture you see the entrance of our apartment complex filled with boxes of our stuff. We were waiting for the truck with the container to arrive. Once it did, the guys from the moving company managed to put all of those boxes into the container within 45 minutes – again, awesome! That container will leave northern Germany on tuesday (one day after we leave the country) and if everything goes well, it will arrive in Michigan by the end of June.
Moving can be a stressful time, and even though we didn’t have to lift one finger to pack or move our household, we were there mentally every minute, and it was nice to have such a competent team on our side.

As I said in the beginning of this update, the following 3 days were spent cleaning up the apartment, throwing stuff away that we don’t need anymore and getting ready to hand over the keys. That actual “Goodbye” to our apartment – the place we brought home our first child right after birth – was said today, when we finished the process of moving out and gave back all our keys to the landlord.

We are ready for the next step now – preparing for the flight to Michigan.




“Home” is …

  • …where the heart is?
  • …where wifi connects automatically?
  • …where your loved ones are?

To many people “HOME” is where they live or used to live, a place with (extended) family and memories from childhood – ready to go back to whenever nostalgia strikes. Some may simply say it’s their apartment or house, the town they are registered in as citizens. For many other people “HOME” is an individual feeling, that can’t be pinpointed to a place or stored in something materialistic – it’s simple a vibe that runs through you if all the outer circumstances and life situations come together at the right moment. I’m one of those people.

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Preparing our toddler for the big move

I thought long and hard about how to prepare our daughter (22 months young) mentally and emotionally for the big move. She obviously is too young to grasp the complexity of how far we are moving, leaving grandparents behind, not being able to access all of our houshold stuff for some time and simply not having a real new “home” yet to move into.

It is important to me, to include my child in the changes that are happening right now as best as possible even if she can’t comprehend the whole picture. We told her right from the beginning of my pregnancy that there is a baby in mommy’s tummy and we followed the same pattern with the upcoming move. As soon as it was final & decided that we’re actually moving out of state, we told her about the new adventure for our family – just with different words & ways as I would have told a grown up person.

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Moving to another Continent with a little “extra”

Hello there,

Yes, it’s me….after what seems an eternity since my last blog update, I thought it was time to talk about all the changes that happened/ will be happening, and how it might influence my “blogging activities” here.

  1. We are happy to be expecting our second baby this fall! As some of you who read previous posts may know, we are dealing with endometriosis based infertility when it comes to family planning. This hasn’t changed, and it never will. My husband & I never liked the thought of just one single child for our family, but of course, with the cards we’ve been dealt, it doesn’t come as easy as just “trying for another”. I had to undergo another round of hormonal stimulation (actually 2 rounds) to welcome another little one of our ‘snowflakes’ on board in my tummy via frozen embryo transfer. We couldn’t believe our luck to actually hold another positive pregnancy test in our hands again, but soon that joy was immensely overshadowed by hyperemesis gravidarum. It actually was so severe that I had to be hospitalized and hooked to an IV-drip. However, all that is in the past, since I’m now in my 22nd week of pregnancy and can look forward to the prospect of holding another baby in my arms in a few months. By the way, our daughter will be a big sister to a baby brother 😉

  2. As stated in the title, there are more news & changes happening in my/our life. In about 2 weeks – at the beginning of June 2016 – we will move to another country, another continent even. Until now we lived right in the center of Berlin, Germany – a bustling “melting pot” metropole. We don’t own a car since we don’t need one and pretty much everything is a short walk or 2 bus/metro stops away. Berlin is a city that can either make or break you, and it has become a part of my personality, but now there is time for change. My husband (an engineer in the automotive industry) had been offered to work for a subsidiary company of his current engineering company, and his new workplace will be located in the USA, Michigan to be exact. Since the company will be a big help with moving and paying for things like the moving company, health insurance etc, we didn’t think long before jumping at the chance to live this little adventure with as big as a safety net as possible (compared to the way of “quitting and restarting from zero”-workwise). We are positively excited for all the things to come and the big flight without a return ticket happening soon.

Of course, the combination of #1 & #2 result in a special adventure for me personally as I will give birth to my baby boy in another country and don’t even know where exactly, because we can’t go house hunting for a place to live until we’re actually THERE. Only then will I be able to choose an obgyn or birthing place.

I plan to update my blog more regularly in the future, and with these changes coming^^^ my updates will probably center around these two themes a lot. That is the direction I think I want to take in the future. If you are interested – keep checking back here 🙂

「Handmade」interactive felt-book for our toddler

Usually I post about things I make, but this time I have to share the neat little present my mother handmade for her grand daughter (our little girl).  It’s an interactive felt-book to play with and ‘rip out’ different things on each page.

For a closer look on each ‘page’ click “continue reading” below:

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「Crochet」Baby Birthday Dress

Our little girl is 1 year young today, and I handmade her a special birthday dress!
Technically she is now a toddler and not a baby anymore. However, she’ll always be MY baby, I took the liberty to title this blog post Baby Birthday Dress.


It’s not my own creation though, I rather followed the instruction of this neat post at For the colour combination I chose a yarn with different shades of green and for the lower part of the dress I used leftover yarn in this beautiful vibrant pink/purple/white^^^

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「Animal Kingdom」Coloring Book Update #2

I wrote a general blog post about my new coloring book ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta HERE.

Meanwhile I have finished colouring another 4 pages, yeah! It’s sooooo fun & really does relax me or take my mind of things for some time.

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud.” – Carl Sandburg

“Giraffes are fairytale animals, almost heraldic. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to bring a giraffe down. They can kill a lion with a single blow from their feet.” (Joanna Lumley)

The rooster may crow….but the hen delivers the goods!

 Always be yourself. Unless you can be an elephant. Then always be an elephant. 


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「Animal Kingdom」Coloring Book Update #1

I wrote about my new coloring book ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta HERE.

This is the first page I chose, because it has a little gerbil (mouse) in the middle, and I thought a mandala like shape would be good to get into the groove.

I like how it turned out, although I might would color a bit differently if I’d do it again. There is another page just like that, but with some white spaces so I can fill in my own patterns, and I’ll try a different color-combination when I’ll get to that in the future.

「Animal Kingdom」- My new colouring book

Yes, you read right – I got myself a colouring book!
It’s not any old colouring book like those for little kids – it’s one for adults (or anyone of age and ability to colour in tiny spaces) & it’s supposed to have an relaxing effect on you. After Amy Marshall tweeted about hers, I was so intruiged that I immediately had to get one for myself.
The book is called ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta, who by the way will have another one of those colouring books out in the future called ‘Tropical World’ (*psst* on German Amazon it comes out July 1st which is pretty soon, but on the Amazon US it says September 2015)

It’s bigger than I thought, and the pages have a nice thickness to them, so pens won’t colour through to the other side so easily. The front & back cover has spaces coloured in gold (just as the title) and both- front & back cover fold out with more drawings to colour in.

I can’t wait to get started on one of the pages!!


Smash*Book「Pretty Pink」Update #3

 This double page is very special to me: it’s about my baby daughter!

I picked this double page to be all about my daughter, because it has the calendar on the bottom of the right page saying “A DAY TO REMEMBER”, so I circled her birthday with a heart.
In addition to that I used adhesive letters to add the birth-month (spelled in the german version with an “i” in the end) and her name, as well as “My Girl” and the meaning of her Japanese name (kanji 七海), “7 seas”

I took polaroids of her, as well as me with her & my husband with her to fill out the page on the left with that. I really like the little frames for the polaroids that I got from a friend. On the page to the right I only added a palm print of hers and will use the empty space to fill it with all the funny, witty, interesting things she’ll say once she can talk (more).

In the middle I attached a little wooden ’ema’ keychain I bought at a Japanese shrine that sort of specialises on wishes & prayers for a good upbringing and education of children.
Something I added in the middle to the “rings” of my smash book are little ‘song cards’ as I like to call them. Basically I got a little crafty and made cards that on the front are decorated according to the theme of the lullaby/children’s song, and have the song lyrics written on the back. They are all  in Japanese lullabies (except for the one on the bottom left which is just the Japanese version of “twinkle twinkle little star”).

I can’t wait to fill the page on the right with quotes of all the things she says that I want to remember!

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