*Booked* – ‘The Tresspasser’ by Tana French

The Trespasser (Dublin Murder Squad, #6)The Trespasser by Tana French

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was my first read of a “Dublin Murder Squad” story by Tana French – so even it is numbered as #6, you can totally enjoy this without having read the previous ones, as the story is not really connected to the other ones, but stands for itself. A murder happened and the protagonist Detective Conway is searching for who’s done it and why together with her partner Detective Moran.

I’ve never read a true detective novel before, and am happy this was my first because it was that good in my opinion. The protagonist is a lady who kicks ass, not so much in the physical sense but with her attitude – for some reason she reminded me a whole lot of Annalise Keating from ‘How to get away with murder’….I couldn’t stop picturing her in my head during dialogues and inner thoughts of the protagonist of this book. Furthermore, I enjoyed that the slow pace of the story, while the whole thought process of the detectives, as well as interviews of suspects and witnesses, were so detailed…I felt like a fly on the wall of an actual investigation! Even when I learned “who’s done it”, the story still kept me turning page after page because I wanted to know how it all played out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book – 4 stars alone for the protagonist – so 5/5 it is!

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