Our Baby Boy is here!


On September 26th, 2016 our little baby boy YOSHIO was born here in Michigan, and thus becoming the first US-citizen in our family. He’s not that little though, he completely skipped the newborn stage when it comes to (clothing) size. Having weighed 10lbs 9oz at birth you can imagine: he’s big! Usually they say: giving birth the second time, it goes much faster….not with this one…it took about as long (13h) as the first time I gave birth to our wonderful snowflake daughter Nanami.

I plan on writing another blog post talking a bit about the birth & how wonderful it was to have a doula with me, as well as my husband AND my 2-year-old daughter throughout the birth at the Alternative Birthing Center of St.John’s Providence Park in Southfield, Michigan. All of those components made this “event” exactly what we wished and hoped it would be.

I also want to say that I don’t plan on ever getting pregnant again. First of all because it is not really possible for me anyways due to my endometriosis based infertility. We just don’t have the money or strength to go through the process of IVF & frozen embryo transfer again, especially here in the US (where it’s 5 times as expensive as in Germany and it wasnt a bargain there either!). Secondly, I don’t feel like my body is able to go through fertility treatment as well as another pregnancy…to be honest, with this second pregnancy I already was afraid at times, that my body is giving up on me (especially during hyperemesis gravidarum & the hospital stay as well as the whole third trimester). I don’t want to risk anything and most importanly I want to be MOM to my two beautiful children, and with all the problems my body has had with fertility treatment and pregnancy, I wouldn’t be able to be that.

I don’t know what the future will hold, or how intense a wish for another child might be in the future, but all I know is:  I will not be pregnant ever again. And I’m content with that thought, especially looking at my wonderful snowflake children right now.



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