House Hunting Happy End

WE HAVE A HOUSE *cue exciting grin on my face* !!

Yes, we finally have confirmation on “our house”….Last Saturday, our realtor went house hunting with us again, and we hoped it would turn out better than the 1st episode. We knew she had a really nice home reserved for a showing in a rather upscale housing estate right next to a lake, but the owner had the same agent who tried to play “price poker” with us during the last house hunting session when we fell in love with that one house described in my other update. So we were very skeptical. Seeing the house itself we were also a bit disappointed in how the previous renter took care of it. They could have cleaned up a little bit more after themselves and not ruined each wall with marks from furniture or scratches from whatever. They must have had kids who they let go wild with stickers, they were literally all over the house, doorframes, closets, even the bathroom sinks…I mean, it would have taken hourse to scratch off each one of those stupid stickers.

Anyhow, our realtor also reserved showing appointments for 4 other houses…Cutting short, none of them were approriate for us as a family with little kids who need more open spaces and a lighter atmosphere – except one house, but….we saw around 10-12 business cards from other realtors on the kitchen counter, which indicates we had more than one or two competitors if we went for it – would have been a miracle if we would have tried and actually got it.

After a quick stop at Starbucks for a little snack and a drink, we used the wifi and looked up unoccupied houses to maybe see one more right away. Our realtor actually found one and said: let’s go see it. What can I say…it’s almost ironic that the last house we saw that day after a showing marathon was actually the house we felt “in love” with again after getting our house-hunting-hearts broken last time.It’s located in a pretty modern housing estate, with a really nice neighbourhood-atmosphere and when we stepped inside we liked it even more than just the looking at it from the outside. It was light (despite dark wood floors), spacious, with enough rooms, a cool kitchen with curry-yellow wall colour (love), a nice deck looking at green and trees –  so it seems rather private even though it’s a condominium property. It’s a 2 story home but the living room height ist awesome because it goes right through to the roof and therefore has this very open-spacious feel to it.

We had to put in an application even though there was one other applicant already, but the realtor from the owner side wanted to show it to the owner the next day, so we hurried back to the office and put everything down on paper, in writing and signed. Next day was sunday – father’s day here in the US – for us it was nervewrecking because we waited on some news about how the owner decided…..we waited til late night…nothing. Oh my, I couldn’t sleep well at all, I was fed up with house hunting, and wished we could just have confirmation. The next day, monday, we met our realtor at her office. She ran a little late but as soon as she got in the door she said: I have good news – You’ve got the house!

WE’VE GOT THE HOUSE – “our house”

our house

And we are signing the lease this friday & we get the keys to actually move in *so very excited you won’t believe*




3 thoughts on “House Hunting Happy End

  1. Ko-chan

    Juhu, einfach toll, dass es wieder ein Haus geworden ist, in das ihr euch verliebt habt und nicht eines ist, was ihr aus Zeitdruck oder so nehmen müsst. 🙂 Du weißt ja, dass ich erst dachte, es war eure allererste “Hausliebe”, die ihr jetzt doch ergattern konntet, das, was so teuer war. Ist dieses denn jetzt “günstiger”? Wäre wunderbar und ich freue mich sehr auf eine eventuelle Haustour und darauf, zu sehen, wie liebevoll ihr es wieder einrichten werdet. =)

    1. Dankeeee, ja wir freuen uns auch total (trotzdem es mich voll erwischt hat mit HAlsschmerzen und Schnupfen und allem, grade jetzt *so ärgerlich*) Ja das jetzt ist 100-200 dollar günstiger, die wir dann gleich für internet/kabel und versicherungen nehmen können.
      Fotos hab ich schon gemacht nur das video ist noch nix geworden, dass muss ich nochmal versuchen – und wieder ärgert es mich das ich grade jetzt krank geworden bin und alles gefühlt 3 mal so viel Energie kostet…ich wollte schön längst loslegen jetzt wo wir die schlüssel haben.

      1. Ko-chan

        Ach, du bist also doch ebenso krank wie Nanami. Als ich meinen Kommentar im LJ schrieb, war ich mir nicht mehr sicher. Ich hoffe dir geht es schnell wieder besser, das ist sicherlich sehr frustrierend. *huggles*

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