Sugar & Spice

Coming to the US, we knew that the food is a little different here – after all food is part of a country’s culture, and also personal taste & habits can differ a lot. We expected the food to be a little more fatty and sugary than what we are used to from Germany or our own individual style of cooking & eating.

Still, it can be pretty surprising to bite into certain foods and realize that they taste so much different to what you know or even expected. For us & our taste, the sugar seems almost overwhelming and in nearly every food you grab. I personally do like to eat cake & candy here and there, and that’s where you expect the sugar taste, obviously. However there are moments when I did not expect such a strong sugar flavour at all, for example when eating cole slaw (salad). Other Examples are bread/buns, scrambled eggs, mustard, beans, soup, chicken even…We mostly noticed this at the breakfast time in our Hotel but also when eating out, that nearly always there seems to be an underlying flavour of sugar.

In contrary to that, we’re missing the taste of salt and other spices a little – I’ve been adding salt and pepper regularly to my breakfast eggs, and our daughter seems to unconciously notice a little lack of salt in her system as well, because she was asking for sprinkles of salt on her hand to lick it off (which she’d never done before).

To be clear, I’m not complaining about the food itself, it is just my/our observation because we aren’t used to this style of more sugary food – and of course, once we get to move into a real house, our own “home”, we will be able to cook & prepare all meals by ourselves and that way, we can add sugar & spice in doses we personally prefer 🙂



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