「Handmade」interactive felt-book for our toddler

Usually I post about things I make, but this time I have to share the neat little present my mother handmade for her grand daughter (our little girl).  It’s an interactive felt-book to play with and ‘rip out’ different things on each page.

For a closer look on each ‘page’ click “continue reading” below:

The front cover is a little ducky with her name on it, because she loves feeding the ducks and playing with her rubber ducky in the bath.

The first page when opening the ‘book’ has lots of flowers from different material as well as butterflies. Those are attaches with snaps, so she can snap off all the butterflies and put them in the green pocket below:

Next page is an apple tree. the apples (all from felt material as well) are attached with velcro so she can pick them from the tree and collect them in the basket

On the following page we have 2 big flowers that can be detached/attached using the buttons:

This page has 4 owls on a tree branch and again: they are attached with snaps to grab them and play with them

The next page is one of my favourites – a huge ladybug whose black spots can be detached/attached (by velcro) and the middle line is a zipper so the spots can be put in the little pouch:

The last page is about shapes and colours. She can put the matching shape to the one sewn on the felt. 

All the pages are kept together on 3 keychain rings, because that last page won’t really be a last page, my mum said. She has many ideas for additional pages in the future (such as a “learn to tie shoe laces” one etc)….so this blog post might have an additional update in the future.


4 thoughts on “「Handmade」interactive felt-book for our toddler

  1. Ko-chan

    Hehe, this one could go into production ;), that’s how good it is. Great work by your mom and especially nice is the idea to create pages you cannot just feel but it trains Nanamis motor skills as well. Not to mention that you can put all the loose parts in a pouch. *thumbs up*

    1. Hehe, thank you so much!! I extended your compliments about the book to my mum and she also says: thank you 🙂

      I never even thought of something like this. As you mentioned I like all the details they included & the fact that we can add on pages with the key rings (because my mum already has ideas for futures pages she’s working on :))

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