Stars on Green – 「handmade」Pyjama

When online shopping at my German ‘craft dealer website’ I came across the wonderful, cheery looking greeen fleece fabric with colourful stars on it. Immediately I though to myself: MAKE A PYJAMA !!!!
So I ordered 3m (about 3.3 yards maybe) to have enough fabric in case I make a mistake, ahem…I didn’t though!


I took some sweat pants and a sweat shirt I had and used them as pattern. Simply fold them in half back to back nd cut out (after folding your fabric in half as well, of course) and then fold the pants front to front and cut along the edge (giving about 1 inch for seam allowance!!) I sewed an elastic band into the waist-hem of my pants so I’m not losing them 😉

Same procedure for the top of my pyjama: I just folded it in half and with seam allowance cut along the shirt on my fabric – arms, too!

That fleece fabric is sooooooooo soft, inside and out, I can’t wait to fall asleep in that tonight!


2 thoughts on “Stars on Green – 「handmade」Pyjama

  1. Ko-chan

    This is very cool, so you can freely choose any design that you love. Have you ever created your own piece of clothing (a two parter even – in this case) before? Good work, how long did it take you?

  2. During my High School Year in the US (when I was 15-16 years young) my host-mom taught me how to sew (she had a whole sewing room with different machines of all sorts). So yes, I did sew an outfit before, but havn’t in such a long time.

    It’s not that difficult to sew something like a pyjama or home-outfit (I mean, nothing that needs to be tailored perfectly, cause that’s a whole other story), if one has a sewing machine it’s definitely worth a try.

    This took me 3-4 days, of which I only really sewed 2 days (the other’s was on an off cutting and pinning because I can only do it on the side now with Snowflake)

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