Our Snowflake Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree is all up and decorated in Snowflakes

(yes, it’s a fake tree & it’s black – we like it this way. ) Some might find the treetop a bit too big maybe, but again – we like it (and standing in front of the tree, it doesn’t seem too big or overpowering). Since I didn’t yet find a treetop that we like and that suits the Snowflake theme of the tree, the handmade paper one will have to do.


Aside from the colourful baubles we have these sparkly Snowflake ornaments my mum’s friend made for us, and they go well with…


this somewhat biggel acrylic Snowflake thingy and our Snowflake lights – I just LOVE how in the evening it does look like snowflakes have just fallen upon the tree. Personally, I like these more than candle lights 🙂

We also have a SPECIAL Snowflake bauble HERE (hopefully the beginning of many in the years to come) on our tree that is a very dear to us.

Aaaaaand just finished wrapping the presents. Now all of them are under our tree 🙂photo.php


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