Christmas Presents for our Baby Girl

Our little girl is a little bit over 5 months when it’s Christmas this year, so she won’t understand the concept of this festive occasion yet. The same goes for giving or receiving presents. However, we still decided to give her something, because she loves everything that rustles….like wrapping paper (in which some of the presents will be wrapped). And she is fascinated by our christmas tree and the lights.

I want to state that for us, Christmas is not an event of LOADS of presents, each super expensive and huge in itself…in our family it is more about cozy memories with the Christmas tree and having mabye one or two new toys to play with right away.

These are the presents we are giving to our girl this year:
1. ‘slumbertoes’ baby shoes – come in various sizes, and we bought 6-12 months. They are handmade with quality leather and come in 9 different designs. We picked the purple ones with butterflies on them (they don’t have an owl design…) They are basically perfect for crawling and last until baby can walk. Thus, the material is really soft and allows baby feet to flex and move around with ease. Personally I really like how they are just slip on shoes with an elastic band to gently hold the ankle of those little feet.


2. A roly-poly-mushroom ^^ in a very cute and colourful design. It’s all plushy fabric on the outside and has a little bell inside that makes a soft (bearable for parental ears) noise when moving it. I think our daughter will love all over it 🙂


3. MULA – the bead roller coster from IKEA – this was actually not planned as a Christmas gift. Originally we only had the roly-poly-mushroom as a playable present to give to her, but then my husband went out to IKEA to only buy some screws or so and he came back with this & a broad smile on his face. Our girl does enjoy shoving the beads on her little play-gym back and forth, and entertains herself for quite some time. So we do think she will like moving the beads on the spiral and the other 2 thingies.

4. This is the handmade present. I’m a crafter at heart so I couldn’t help but making her one present myself. I bought some colourful owl fabric and made her a little quilt
Click here or on the picture to see the whole quilt and more/better close up pictures of it!!

All together our baby girl is getting 4 presents (which I already consider a lot!) out of which “only” 2 are playable items though. We can’t wait for December 24th to see how her reaction is to the toys and new things she finds under the tree.



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