「handmade」Owl Quilt – Christmas present

Our little girl will get only a few presents for Christmas which I will show all together in another blog post sometime. This one is about the handmade present I sewed together for her over the span of 2 days (could probably be done within a day if there are only few interruptions 😉 )

I wanted to make a little quilt and ordered really cute & colourful owl fabric as well as volume fleece and green/white dotted fabric for the back and border 🙂 DSCN2626

The owls are so colourful and cheery, they go well with the over all owl-themed room for our baby girl. I didn’t want to quilt right through the owls though, so I sews around each one and created this sort of honeycomb pattern.


I really like the grass green fabric with white dots on the back as it goes well with the light and bright colours of the owls. In the following picture you can see a close up of the border. I sewed 2 lines close together to make sure it’s attached really well.


And here is a closer look on the different owls pictured on the front of the quilt – aren’t they just so so cute?!!


Aside from this handmade present she will get two little toy-presents to play with right away and one ‘wearable’ present. I do love our tree with the first special snowflake bauble and how we can make our first cozy Christmas memories as a family this year.


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