「handmade」 Snowflake Christmas Bauble 2014 (crochet)

Even before our precious Snowflake* girl was born, I decided to make special christmas baubles/ornaments each year for the tree – but all would have the Snowflake* theme in common.

For this year’s Christmas in 2014 – the year she was born – I decided to crochet a snowflake with white/blue colour interchanging yarn.

I put a picture of her on the other side before enclosing it in the acrylic bauble. DSCN2472

To hide the line where the 2 acrylic bauble halfs connect together, I simply crochet 2 rows in white and glued them around the bauble – makes a nice frame as well 🙂

Here is what the bauble looks like on our black (yes, black & not real- we like it) Christmas TreeDSCN2586 DSCN2587
See our snowflake lights, suits the whole theme? 🙂

Already excited for next year’s Christmas when we will put the second Snowflake bauble on our tree 🙂

*Our precious little daughter was conceived via IVF due to my Endometriosis based infertility. Before she got transfered she was frozen at the embryo bank, so we called her “our snowflake” from the start.


7 thoughts on “「handmade」 Snowflake Christmas Bauble 2014 (crochet)

  1. Ko-chan

    Aw, such a sweet handmade snowflake, the border is a lovely, special and at the same time convenient touch to the end product.

    And yay your nice little tree is back (of course), you have this wonderful snowflake chain of lights, I remember now. Me wants *gg*

    1. Thank you so much, dear!!
      I’m already working on next years special snowflake, because I probably won’t have too much time next year….maybe…(with Nanami being more awake and wanting to be entertained then I mean)

      Yes, I love our tree…I have to take another picture because today I threw a lot more sparkly snowflakes on there…I should make more pictures and different close ups, it’s sooo cozy and festive looking to me (yes, the snowflake lights I absolutely had to buy at IKEA last year..they don’t have them this year according to their website, but I saw very similar ones on Amazon)

      1. Ko-chan

        Hehe, oh ja, der Spaß geht erst richtig los umso aktiver die Kleinen werden. ^.^

        Stimmt, es gibt einige Varianten der Lichterkette auf amazon, ich warte lieber erstmal ab. 🙂 Hab übrigens mir diese


        wunderschöne blaue Lichterkette geholt, die blauen Kugeln ergeben ein traumhaftes Licht! Habe sie um meine Pinnwand und ein bisschen um mein schwarzes Metallbett gewunden. Genau so ein Blau wollte ich seit längerem haben. 🙂

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