Berlin. 25 Years Later. Wall of Lights

8000 balloons will shine as a ‘wall of light’ along the former course of the Berlin Wall . Every single balloon will be released to fly off and “lift the wall” on November9th – 25 years after the fall of the former Berlin Wall took place.
As someone who was born in the former GDR, behind the Wall with parents who never got to travel to places around the world, it’s a weird but exciting feeling to see this light installation right before our windows.

25 years ago, this was the death-strip…nobody could have lived, or even walked so close to the wall. Now we live here with our baby who won’t have to suffer from being confined and from the lack of freedom to go wherever she want to go!


2 thoughts on “Berlin. 25 Years Later. Wall of Lights

    1. It really was a wonderful idea, however they made the balloon releasing device a little too complicated for a simple gesture and it didn’t really go like a “wave” (they could have just given each person the balloon into their hands, and it would have made a more smooth “light release” i think). BUT, I still really liked the idea and it is cool to live on the former borderline now 🙂

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