「handmade」Litte Romper

I love getting “handmade” inspirations off the internet and then trying to make my own version of something. Naturally most of my projects are for my little baby girl – she has a whole handmade collection by now *laugh*.

The knitting pattern for this cute little (rhino) romper can be found here on ravelry and you may have seen it already in this blogtober2014 post of mine.


I used my much loved colour speckled white wool for this romper, but took some bright yellow soft wool for the edging/borders.


Digging through my box of buttons I found these nice little blue ones with tiny flowers on them and thought they’d go well with the bright yellow edging in the frontDSCN1502


Leaving and opening between the legs is very practical for a baby romper as you need to frequently change diapers, so just place some buttons there for easy access. For this area I used some sheer off white buttons as it’s not really something that needs to stand out or catch the eye.



^^Here you can see how it looks opened up!^^ We used this romper so much, it was also perfectly at night during warmer days in summer. It seems to regulate the body temperature quite well, no over-heating or rashes or anything on baby’s skin. Since our little girl already outgrew this romper, I made a second, larger one with longer arms and legs for the winter time coming 🙂


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