I can’t climb that pole!!『blogtober 2014』

Day 29 of blogtober2014 is about embarrassment

Most embarrasing moment
I thought about what to write for this prompt all day, and to be honest I couldn’t think of a really good story, or lots of embarrassing moments in my life. Sure, there were a few (everyone goes through some embarrassment in their life right?!), but my brain is pretty good in not keeping too many records of such situations – I like that.

There is one moment from my childhood that I found embarrassing and that I will remember forever. It’s an episode from gym/P.E. class, which was one of my LEAST favourite subject at school (not so much due to the physical effort involved as more due to the fact that we had to 1st class in every type of sport to get a good grade). There was one thing I hated most, because I just couldn’t do it: climbing up the pole! Yes, that was an exercise we had to do and got graded on during gym class in primary school. I tried it before, when no one was looking & on the playground so I KNEW FOR SURE I was not able to climb up that pole. Instead it would just hang on the bottom of the pole like a sack of potatoes. My gym teacher, she was an evil woman. I talked to her and told her that I can’t do it, I don’t know how to make my body work ina way that will enable me to climb up that pole. A good teacher would have maybe offered to stay for a few minutes after class and help me learn it a bit – NOT HER! She ordered me in front of the whole class to climb that stupid pole.

There I stood with all the other kids staring at me, already grinning cause they knew I fail so bad at this. When I think about that moment I can still feel the embarrassment I felt back then. I refused over and over again, telling her I don’t know how to climb up the pole. She then told me to go back to the dressing room and change (getting send out of class was a really bad thing, and I was never sent out of class ever before or again in my school life). So I stomped off, arms crossed angrily in front of my chest. Just before I went through the gym door, I turned around and stuck out my tongue to the teacher (It was such a rebel thing to do back then…. well, it was the only rebel thingI could think of and dared to do!) That of course had her coming after me to the dressing room and writing a note to my parents.

To this day I think that I was not in the wrong, that she was jut a horrible fail as a teacher alltogether for making me the laughing  stock of the class rather than helping me when I turned to her with my problem.




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