Superstition『blogtober 2014』

Day 28 of blogtober2014  is about superstiton.

Things you’re superstitious about
Not many, to be honest. I don’t fear fridays on the 13th of a month or black cats coming from the ride side (or was it left??). None of that scares me, so maybe superstition is not really something I believe in.

I do, however, believe in not wishing anything bad on anyone, not even my biggest enemies or the worst people in this world (I don’t really wish them anything good either though!!). That is the one point that always is in the back of my mind – making me think that if I would deliberately wish something bad on somebody, this very “thing” might happen to me or my loved ones.

So…Karma…yea, I do believe in Karma…in a way.


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