Not without my….『blogtober 2014』

Day 24 of blogtober2014 is about beauty-helpers.

One beauty product you can’t live without
I can totally live without beauty products, infact I am right now. A few weeks ago I buzzed off all my hair (just was in the mood and totally content with my decision), so I don’t even need to use a comb or brush at the moment. Now, once my hair grows back to a length where it needs to be combed/brushed, I will use my tangle teezer again. So if I would have to name something “beauty related” that I definitely use on a daily basis (once my hair gains length that is), I’d say: Tangle Teezer!

Since we’re on the subject of beauty products I just want to add that although I don’t use it daily and could very well live without it, the only beauty product I do use from time to time are nail-polish & lip stick. I have a variety of nail polish colours but as a new mom, rarely have time to sit down and do my nails properly. And I love to put on bright red lip stick if I go out to meet friends or on date night or something (also rather rare with a newborn/young baby)


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