Playing with pictures『blogtober 2014』

Day 23 of blogtober2014 is all about photo editing!

Favourite instagram editing apps or editing tools for your blog
I don’t use any editing tools for my blog, and only the original instagram and none of the instagram related apps. However I have a few other photo editing apps on my phone. Here are 4 apps I really like to use:

  • Pic Jointer is a really quick & easy to use app to put 2-4 pictures together in a collage
  • PCamera is the app I use to make really nice, wide (up to 360°) panoramic photos
  • masking tape has ahuge variety on different patterns of “tape” to decorate pictures (like ‘washi tape’ that is really popular among the filofax-crowd these days)
  • RealBokeh is another decorating app that lets you put shimmery hearts, circles, stars etc on your photos

What is your favourite photo editing app??
I’m always on the look for new ones to play with 🙂



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