My Pet Peeves 『blogtober 2014』

Day 22 of blogtober2014 and I’m talking about things that annoy me What are your pet peeves?

  • people eating on the go. I DO NOT MEAN enjoying a cone of ice cream or a cookie. I mean people eating a kebap or burger or a box of noodles etc. while walking Fast food doesn’t mean you have to gulp it down while running through the streets!
  • eating with your mouth open or chewing noises. Yes, another food/eating pet peeve that really gets me every time.
  • people cutting in line. Wether it’s a waiting line, or when stepping on to the bus or going through a door, it’s just rude to try and jump ahead (an pushing others aside in worst cases)
  • loud phone conversations in public. Everyone knows who I’m talking about. Those people in public places like trains, restaurants etc having super important and super long conversations on their phone, letting all surrounding people know what they’ll have for dinner or just how interesting their day/life is – no one cares, you are just annoying!
  • Smoking/inconsiderate smokers. Every since I suffered from a microplasma lung infection I can smell smokers from a mile away and at the same time I’m having trouble breathing. Now, if smokers would agree to smoke in the smoking-areas, we’d be fine, I can choose to not go there or go around and they can go do their thing. However, many smokers just don’t care about people who don’t like to inhale that dirt. Especially when I was pregnant, I encountered super rude smokers who would put on a cigarette at the bus stop right next to me. I tried asking them politely, but was told to “f*** off”.

I’m sure I could think of more pet peeves if I would give it another hour, but I’ll stop here 🙂


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