Secrets 『blogtober 2014』

Day 18 of blogtober2014 is here!

Share a secret about you!
I honestly have to say, that I don’t really have secrets. I’m a person who wears her heart on a sleeve, and generally tend to not do anything I’d have to be ashamed of telling people. Also, if I’d had a “secret I’ll take to my deathbed with me” – I probably wouldn’t share it on a blog, would I?!

Maybe I can share just something random, not necessarily a secret, but something I havn’t shared publicly before…let me think for a second…

Okay: it so happened to me before (once or twice) that people working at the cash register gave me back too much money in return. Well, not hundreds of Euros, we are talking about 1 Euro or less. I always kept my mouth shut, and walked off.

There you go! Some might thing that’s too lame to be a secret, some might thing I’m the devil for doing it – personally, I don’t care about your judgement on that.


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