I specialise in…日本(語)『blogtober 2014』

On day 17 of blogtober2014 we take a look at my skills 🙂

I’m  an expert  a specialist at….
Firstly, I don’t like calling myself an ‘expert’ at anything…wouldn’t it mean I know EVERYTHING in a certain subject. I’d rather like to say I specialise(d) in something, and have room to grow and learn more and more over time.

The subject I’m really skilled at (and would call myself a specialist at) is: Japan/Japanese – and to be a bit more exact – Modern Japanese society & literature. It’s been 8 years since I started learning Japanese in self-study and later on at university as part of my International BA degree in East Asian Studies focusing on Japan. So for 8 years I’m busying myself with all things Japan, trying to get better and better with the language and broaden my knowledge about society and literature in detail.

To me, the interpretation of ‘individualism’ in (historical and modern) Japanese society as well as in literature is one of the subjects I’m most interested in. Natsume Sôseki a famous writer of the modern era was an advocate trying to get society to develop a sense for their own ego, their own individualism without crossing the line of egoism. There is so much value in his speech “My Individualism” (can be read in: My Individualism and The Philosophical Foundation of Literature). It is amazing how well you can transfer his thoughts from all those decades ago into Japanese society of today.





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