If I would rule…『blogtober 2014』

On this 11th day of blogtober 2014, I’m here to take on a bigger role…;)

If you were president….
Well, in Germany were I live the equivalent of the president (such as the one of the US) would be the chancellor. So if I would be chancellor of Germany…

  • I would cut down the parliamentary allowance, the pay & perks of our politicians. One should get paid for their work, I agree. But one shouldn’t get money stuffed up their bottoms so much that their blood turns from red to green (if you know what I mean). There shouldn’t be such a huge gap between someone who makes good money from a good job position and the ridiculous amount of money our politicians are making only for getting up in the morning.
  • I would not put any added value/sales tax on pharmaceuticals and medication. This one comes from personal experience. While getting fertility treatment to try and conceive our child, all the medication I had to get (fertility drugs, pills, self-injections etc.) added up to a huge amount of money, obviously. When I looked at our bills I realized that it could have been one third less expensive if there wouldn’t have been any sales tax. So I thought: “huh,…interesting. The politicians always say we need more children to be born, yet they make a load of cash off of my infertility and treatment to have a child. That doesn’t seem helpful or nice!” And lets face it, it’s not only fertility treatment, it’s every medical treatment that isn’t  and additional medication on which we (in Germany) have to pay 19% sales tax. NINETEEN PERCENT! Anyone who has to fight a medical battle or an illness should not be punished on top of that with sales tax on medicine they need!
  • I would make it a law, that every issue concerning the state of Germany and/or its citizens is decided on by a referendum. Thus, putting a lot more “democracy” back in our political system. Why are we, the people not getting a say-so in the big decisions, yet have to carry them financially? That doesn’t seem fair to me. Neighbouring countries such as Switzerland have a lot more referendum-decisions and it works just fine, plus the people feel a little more part of the decision- & law-making process. So I say: more power to the people!

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