Hello there, in 2024…『blogtober 2014』

Today is letter writing day for October 8th of blogtober 2014. It’s like a little time capsule entry, isn’t it. 🙂

A letter to yourself in 10 years.
Hi there Tina,
it’s me (which is you) from 10 years ago, October 8th 2014. Writing this letter to you ( I mean…me) is quite exciting in a way, as I imagine myself to really read this in 10 years time. I wonder where will I be in life. Are we still living in Berlin? Will we still keep gerbils as pets (most probably different ones from now, since they only have a life span of 3 years)?? How is our little family? Did we decide to try another round of IVF/FET for a second child??

Do you still remember how special this year was when reading this letter now? It was the year our little snowflake Nanami was born. And even more special since it is October which means, it’s the month she was taken out of the freezer bank in the IVF lab – still a tiny embryo – and transferred into my womb. It gives me the chills in a positive way (of course!) thinking about it right now. I wonder if that feeling is still the same in October 2024??!!

I’m looking at our precious daughter, now almost 3 months old and try to picture her in 10 years from now…what will she look like? What will she wear? What is she into these days? Maybe, she will be right by your…my side when reading this letter from 2014. What a mind-boggling thought!

It’s weird to think that when I read this in 10 years, I – you – will probably have all the  answers to these questions & thoughts.I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

Send me back a smile!
– mefrom2014


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