So precious to me『blogtober 2014』

Yay, I’m back with day 4 of blogtober 2014, and this time it’s a picture prompt.

Favourite photo you’ve posted on Instagram
I have to say that I’m not a publicly active person on Instagram. I do use it for the neat filters and for personal use, but never shared even one picture publicly or with friends. So, I’m gonna change this prompt a little and will post my favourite picture that I shared with friends on twitter & facebook. It’s from August 18th, when our little IVF miracle daughter turned 1 month old ♡


The quote there is from Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ & it speaks right from my heart.
It is one of my all time favourite photo/picture collage because it shows Nanami all smiling from the time when she first started to conciously smile at us. Also, in the picture of her sleeping she is wearing a colour speckled romper I knit for her when I was still pregnant. It is quite an amazing feeling to see her now in something I made while she was still in my bump.


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