What really matters. 『blogtober 2014』

Here we go with day 3 of blogtober 2014 and I’m back with the prompt of the day.

One thing you can’t live without.
Since I’m supposed to name a “thing” I will leave the obvious answers that come to mind first, such as family, loved ones etc. aside.

Then there is the probably more obvious answers like: money, love, food, books, music, internet, mobile (smart) phone, TV and what not. Of course I’d rather not live without those things, but since that is…well…obvious, it’s a bit of a lame answer I think.

Let me think for a minute here.

Yes, it’s clear to me now. The thing I couldn’t live without is my hands. I’m someone who indulges so much in handwork, that it feels like something is missing in my life if I don’t work on something. Be it playing the piano, or simply doing crafts, writing something down by hand (not typing on the computer) in my numerous note books, knitting & crocheting. Not one day goes by where I don’t do one of those things – so it would certainly be something I can’t live without.

I guess you CAN live without all those things – the only thing one needs to “live” is air to breathe and a healthy body to function. And if you look at it that way, it’s certainly putting a lot of “THINGS” into perspective, isn’t it. Makes you realize what really matters.


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