From “locked up” stewardess to linguaphile Japanologist『blogtober 2014』

It’s day 2 of blogtober 2014 and I’m back with the prompt of the day.

Your dream job when you were little/ what is it now?
When I was little I wanted to become a stewardess. I always dreamt of traveling the world, going wherever I would want to go and see all the places I only saw pictures of on TV or in books. I have to add that I was born and raised in East Germany back when the Berlin Wall was dividing the whole country into Germany and GDR (German Democratic Republic). In fact my hometown is so far East of Germany that we jokingly say it’s “West Poland” – the border is only about 30mins by car. You might have heard of it before, not only because it was founded in 1950 as a socialist model city, but maybe because you heard Tom Hanks raving about his visit to the town on several occasions on TV….yep, that is my hometown, but I have to admit I’m not so much attached to it anymore. Always knew I was gonna leave and live somewhere else when I grow up and one of my little childhood dreams was it to live in Berlin as a grown up. Well, here I am living in Berlin 🙂
Back to my childhood dream job. I’m not sure if the fact that living in the GDR which “locked up” its citizens behind a deadly wall had an influence, but being able to travel and go wherever I want to go was always a wish deeply rooted within my heart. Plus, as a stewardess I’d get to wear one of those chic looking uniforms 🙂

Growing up, my preferred job of choice changed…I figured I don’t need it to be my job – I can just travel now whenever I want to. My grown-up-dream-job has to do with languages. I love learning languages. During school times I got the hang of English pretty quickly and even consider it somehwat my second mother tongue by now. I just adapted to it quite naturally. Seven years ago I decided I want to get really really good at an Asian language, East Asia to be exact. So between Chinese, Korean & Japanese I picked the one that sounded the most beautiful to me – Japanese. Ever since I’ve been learning, studying, going to summer school in Japan, actually studying it at a university and getting my BA in International East Asian Studies (with a semester done in Tokyo). Of course there are no job offers/applications for “Japanologists” itself,  you kinda have to broaden your horizon and see where you can fit in. For me personally, I do like the field of adult education. That means I’d love to go into companies (or be hired by one) who has business with Japanese companies or clients and would like a little help in the area of communication and difference in work environment. I did an internship where I did exactly that and enjoyed it a lot.

Right now though, I’m doing my current dream job 24/7….being a mum to our wonderful little IVF miracle daughter ♡


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