Getting into the mood『blogtober 2014』

My blog and I, we had a little talk. Together we came to the conclusion that we’re in the mood for a little more action around here. This means I will try and blog a little more, make this blog of mine a little ‘cozier me space’. What better motivation to get a (hopfully) fun blogging-feel going than a blog-challenge, aye ?!

I found this blog challenge here on . Really liking all the prompts and am now excited to start with

Day 1 – ‘If you won the lottery you’d…’

fix up my grandma’s old shabby house top to bottom. A few of it has been done but my mum’s financial funds are limited. My grandma is very old (over 80) and I’m not sure for how many more years she’ll be around, but if I’d have enough money I’d still try and make her last years as comfortable as possible, so the house would not only get fixed up but also made eldery-friendly.

….do a nice, long trip to Japan once our little girl is 6 months old (she’s a little over 2 months at the moment) & a cruise around Iceland. Are there even any Iceland-cruises, I’m not sure, but  hey I think a lottery win could buy that.

put the rest in the bank or somewhere remotely “safe” for future investments or things our daughter would need money for.

Yay, I did it! The first blogtober-post is done! Now, being a new mum and all might make it a little difficult to stick to the “blog post every day” thing, but hey – that’s the challenge after all and I accepted!


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