Baby Mermaid Sleeping Sac (crochet)

This is a kind of different, special piece of crochet I just had to attempt after seeing a photo of a similar sleeping sac. Little Baby Mermaids are probably one of the cutests I think 🙂



I used all the different blue-ish wool I had (some are just rest pieces) to create a sort of watery feel throughout the pattern, which is basically made of of shells (5 dc & loops to create chain spaces for the next row of dc-shells).

The top border which will come up to the baby’s chest area is done in light green (very stretchy wool) with two purple buttons


There is a pair of extra button holes to make it tighter for the newborn stage^^^

The fin at the end is done in single crochet stitches but in back-loop only to create that riff-raff feel.


In the very end, I added some sparkly buttons representing some drops of water & I’m glad it worked so well.


Baby has not arrived yet, so I can only imagine how cute it would look with her in the sleeping sac!





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