shoes, Baby shoes (crochet)

Continuing to post all the handmade items I mostly crochet for our Snowflake-Baby, I want to show you these two pair of shoes I made weeks ago (but never gotten around to post them *shame on me*)

1. Cuffed Booties


I liked the dark green – pink colour combination for this as it fits the bootie style but is also quite girly (espeically with the flowers on the cuffs)



A better view of the side of the shoes. I not only decided to crochet a flower for the side, but put a little cute heart-button in the middle of the flower as a bit of “bling accessory” or something 🙂

2. Blue Mary Janes


I >>LOVE<< this vibrant blue colour, and had to make those tiny Mary Jane style shoes with it. The blue heart buttons on the side just look to me like they were made for those shoes 🙂 To brighten it all up even more, I went for the sun-yellow dot on the front (both are a bit off to the outside of the foot, because it looked more relaxed to me that way)




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