red-lilac shimmer cardigan (crochet)

A couple of days ago I finished another cardigan, not as colourful, but a tad more “chic” – maybe fitting best into autumn season. I used wine-red wool and lilac-shimmery wool (a silver thread woven into the wool) to create this “open in the front”-cardigan

The way it opens up in the middle, it should be perfect to wear over a little dress or something else that you want to show a sneak peak at. The whole cardigan is crochet from top to bottom in shell clusters (one of my faves), alternating between the wine red and lilac shimmer wool. Here is a close up of the sleeves to get a better look at the pattern


I attached two buttons at the top, so the cardigan would stay in place but neatly open up in the front when worn by baby/toddler. As for the button-design I went with silver looking ones that show grapes and leaves – thus perfectly going along with the autumn-feel of the chosen wool colours (in my opinion anyway)





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