Colourful Cardigan (crochet)

As I mentioned in my previous handmade posts: I do like it colourful ! So when I saw a picture of this cardigan that only had brown & rosé on white, I felt the urge to make a more colourful version of it.


It’s a cardigan for around 10-12 month or older (it all depends on individual sizes of the baby in the end anyways).


I picked 4 white butterfly buttons for this colourful piece. They fit right in!

Here is another closeup on the shells that this whole cardigan pattern is made up of (except the yoke/neck) and I always like crochet shells, because they make a beautiful edge at the lower end of the piece!


I think it’s just so much more bright and cheery on the white with the colours I picked, and will go well with my other handmade baby-clothing.


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