The Original Pixel-Art

After I went through my phase of crochet & knitting, I’m currently indulging in the craft of Cross-Stitching. When a ‘nostalgia-package’ from my mum arrived, I found this Precious Moments cross stitch in it, which I must have made more than 10 years ago. I didn’t even remember it until I opened the package. rollergirl cross stitch

It will definitely go in Snowflake’s room, once we have moved & currently I’m cross stitching a second Precious Moments picture to go with it. The last few days though, I spend cross stitching something special:

☆ Tina ☆ (tinadayon) on Twitter

I won’t reveal more than this sneak peak because it’s not the time to do so yet. This picture is the start of me cross stitching Snowflakes name &  little decorational things^^^ I will probably reveal the finished result after birth 😉

The thing I love about cross stitching is that by taking the time and stitching every little cross-by-cross you can creat a whole picture or lettering. To Cross-Stitching is something like the ‘Original Pixel Art’ (^_^)

I also sorted out my colors/threads by the way:







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