Book of Life

My birthday is coming up and when it comes to birthday wishes of mine: I don’t really have any. My biggest wish & present is the one I’m carrying right below my heart every day. Since snowflake is with me, I can’t really think of anything for myself that I’d really really really want. Basically I want this pregnancy to go smoothly, but when it comes to material things, everything that comes to mind is baby stuff that I think of buying. So the birthday money will be used for that.

HOWEVER…I did buy myself a little (early) birthday present over which I stumbled online…

It’s a german book called: “My Book of Life” which you basically have to write yourself…well…more like filling it yourself. It’s filled with different questions on each page that are somewhat on a psychological level, and are supposed to make you think about yourself, your wishes, your life – it’s the idea to get to know yourself much better while filling out each page & answering those questions: ‘My dream of happiness’ – ‘Where do I feel home’ – ‘The nicest words said to me in the last year’ – ‘I want to let go of those thoughts’ etc…

So it isn’t a diary in the literal sense but you can sit down every day (or well, when you feel like it) and open up a random page and think about that question, then trying to fill that page with your answers – no matter if it’s written, drawn, pictures glued onto the page – whatever! Here are sample shots of two of those pages…(every page has a different layout, which mix things up and make it more…creative)

left picture: ‘have you become the person that you wanted to become?’ – ‘Which traits of the person you’ve been as a child can you still find in yourself today?’
right picture: ‘When, where, how, through whom have you experienced: peace, luck, happiness, serenity, wisdom, energy, concentration, security…?’

I’m looking forward to spend some time thinking about those interesting questions & maybe even get to know myself & my life a little bit better through it 🙂


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