It’s Halloween – time for ‘Infertility Grumpy Cat’ !!

For this year’s Halloween, I decided to do something I have never done before: I carved a pumpkin!
Not only that, but I carved a ‘special’ Halloween pumpkin, which I want to enter in the “IF Pumpkin Smackdown 2013”.

I decided to do an ‘Infertility Grumpy Cat’ – Pumpkin, because on Halloween, she can celebrate her grumpy-face & hopefully scare the hell out of Infertility – take that, sucker!…ahem…okay, first things first: here’s how it all went down.


I spent about 4-5 hours (!!) working that pumpkin, but everytime I look at that face now…*snickers*…it makes me smile & I feel happy like a child – which makes this a total success for me (^_^)

And now, I proudly present: My ‘Infertility Grumpy Cat’ – Halloween Pumpkin


Look at that face!! She’s fierce, and she is grumpy!! She bares her teeth and snarls at infertility saying: “Suck it & go to hell, where my face shall haunt you until the end of time, meaowahahahahah!!!” Or something along those lines…

Now, I’m not a big fan of wasting food, so I decided to make a Pumpkin-Curry-Coconut Soup & roast the pumpkin seeds, because they are full of good stuff like iron, vitamins omega-3 fatty acids and many things more.




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